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New Police Reports Filed in Malaysia and Israel can help Sultan of Brunei realize his errors

  • Police reports shed light on educational fraud within the Sunni Islamic community resulting in countless deaths
  • Website called More than Murtadd will change the course of history for Islam and the world
  • A select minority within Sunni Islam refuses to teach 2 vital truths together, enabling terrorists to commit senseless Muslim and non-Muslim murders

Reports were filed with the Royal Malaysian Police in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 17 March 2019 and with police officers in Tel Aviv, Israel on 27 March 2019. The reports accuse leaders of Sunni Islam, such as ulama of Malaysia and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, of committing deliberate acts of education fraud and treason in refusing to publicly teach a combination of two vital, verifiable facts within Sunni Islam, thus denying government leaders of all countries urgent truths needed to properly govern on a daily basis. Public revelation of all pertinent details alongside groundbreaking evidence from Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt bearing authority on par with Grand Muftis would incite governments to intervene, change policies for the better, and save many citizens of their respective countries from being murdered by Islamic terrorists who have also been deceived.

“Terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah will be permanently ended, if the Knesset uses the contents of this police report and the evidence to make certain decisions for Israel and also to engage the United Nations. In 2017, 121 groups sharing a common ideology are summarized as ‘Islamic extremism’ being responsible for more than 84,000 deaths across 66 countries [1].”
-Report submitted to Israeli police officials in Tel Aviv

The reports submitted to Israeli and Malaysian officials pose one question they need to know: Why have scholars of Sunni Islam refused to publicly teach Non-Muslims and many Sunni Muslims 2 major truths together from over 1,000 years ago that can be verified today?

More than Murtadd is the answer to this revelatory question. The 410-page educational manifesto has found a home at to reveal the intricacies of an investigation spanning four years, directed at the world’s governments, the media, and the general public. More than Murtadd connects specific details with accurate context alongside vital nuances inside and outside Southeast Asia to the Middle East and USA and Europe which many people do not know, to help many Muslims and many non-Muslims in every country understand how and why they have been deceived to create unnecessary divides and problems.

More than Murtadd reveals how the Quran and authentic Sunnah contain specific details from more than 1000 years ago, which Sunni Islam’s leaders use to teach Sunni Muslims about Islam. More Than Murtadd uses the same authentic references explained by ulama (scholars of Sunni Islam are specifically named as the people of knowledge being the “Heirs of the Prophets” in multiple narrations according to the prophet Muhammad) to prove ulama are the unchanging timeless leaders of Sunni Islam, not Sultans, Presidents, Prime Ministers or any other government officials. More Than Murtadd reveals specific failures in a carefully-preserved scholarship, their concealment resulting in more than 80% of Muslims today and all non-Muslims today being cheated of vital information to make informed decisions.

“Leaders of countries worldwide need to use More than Murtadd to permanently stop senseless murders through official decisions… Do so, and all terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab and Hamas will be permanently ended…”
-Report submitted to Israeli police officials in Tel Aviv

More than Murtadd implores world leaders such as Prime Minister Tun Mahathir bin Mohammad and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to talk to each other, citing Shift The Script as ‘an independent non-partisan non-profit organization creating global and local conversations to facilitate an evolutionary process of communications and dialogue for effective solutions, providing the platform where this exchange starts’. Visit and weigh in on the conversation at .

More Than Murtadd is a necessary step for Ex-Muslims. Everyone deserves the right to choose and speak out against injustice, when people such as Raif Badawi and Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh are sentenced to many years of jail and many lashes, due to a hoax perpetuated by leaders of Sunni Islam for more than 1000 years. Ex-Muslims, Muslims, and non-Muslims are invited to see and realise what you need to know but have been denied, to share and demonstrate how we are all connected.

You can peruse More Than Murtadd in its entirety, by clicking on the link below…

More than Murtadd

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