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Part 1 of Teaching Evidence-Based Wisdom About THE Investigation Affecting All Governments and You

Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Tun Mahathir bin Mohamed, Scott Morrison, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Bashar Al-Assad, and other world leaders: Are you aware of police reports recently filed in Malaysia and Israel about an investigation spanning more than 4 years, exposing ground-breaking details about the largest global crisis today which will solve many problems and permanently improve diplomatic relations, societies, courts, and economies of all countries, including your country?

Billions of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons have been denied vital information about 2 facts together from more than 1000 years ago by specific people responsible for teaching these details, thus unable to make informed decisions daily. At least 99% of the global population today (98% of all Muslims + All non-Muslims) wastes trillions of dollars daily, while making trillions of decisions daily based on fundamental ignorance, due to not knowing the entirety of fact 1. Not knowing the entirety of fact 2 has also led to all governments making mistakes daily, and unable to tackle the root of the problem.

Shift the Script

What was your reaction, after reading the first 2 paragraphs? Are you a group 1 or group 2 subscriber?

1) Did you react emotionally and mentally to the above paragraph based on your present circumstances, pause to ask yourself about the basis for such unusual claims and realise any curiosity regarding such claims, then decide to see and evaluate the evidence and explanations in the investigation while holding off on any conclusions?

2) Did you comment on the above paragraph based primarily on your gut reaction becoming a conclusion while including a refusal to read further, refusal to read the whole article, or refusal to read beyond this article?

London has decided to treat violent knife crime as a disease. Should Shift The Script treat people who display biases, prejudice and a refusal to read in the same way? Are you a father, mother, daughter or son? Billions of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are being denied vital information.

Purposely hiding information which will change and improve a person’s life decisions in all aspects and helps solve certain problems not only misleads people into making decisions that can be irreversibly regretted or harmful, but also wastes trillions of dollars.  At what point does hiding information become recognised as cheating people, when many people are paying specific people with trust and money and time?

When a problem affects many citizens of every country? It is important and ethical to inform all governments, so everybody on all levels can discuss, and move forward making decisions together. It will not happen if you decide to keep information hidden from people and the institutions that can help. Regardless of their position, people who keep those institutions functioning are also mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

In an election, citizens want all relevant information to be available, to decide on leaders. How will leaders govern properly, if citizens don’t give them what they need to know, when ignorance and knowledge affects them to make decisions affecting entire countries? Without some level of organization and rule of laws, anybody could do what they want.

If you espouse any values about how a society functions properly, acknowledge the need for shared information and action at certain levels and situations. This is not about small government or big government. General consensus on certain rules enable you to have autonomy in many areas of life. Many systems exist to inspire people into agreeing on rules, to tackle crime, and to treat patients. If you are unaware of all this, and you want to deny these truths? I suggest you read on.

This article stops you wasting much of your taxpayer dollars while presenting the route to carefully-sourced ground-breaking evidence, to permanently stop terrorists of 121 groups (such as Boko Haram and Islamic State) sharing a common ideology that killed at least 84,000 people across 66 countries in 2017.    


Shift The Script has used 8 months to confirm more than 90% of readers who also comment on any of the posts on the Facebook page do not know how to handle information and do not know how to analyse information. Such people do not know how to pursue accuracy without prejudice, and certain cultural differences become apparent.

These conclusions are easily confirmed in many comments posted by people who clearly demonstrate abilities corresponding to scoring more poorly for rationality and practical intelligence, alongside obvious behavioural markers correlating to high scores of individual bias and ignorance due to lack of self-awareness for blind spots. When it comes to many people, your mental habits and cognitive qualities are showcased in your comments far more clearly than you are aware of.

It is time to get very specific, demonstrating to world leaders and fellow citizens how to exercise basic evidence-based wisdom for problem-solving in one article, to accurately evaluate the above claims by Shift The Script. Many “critics” do not know or refuse to tackle the evidence and summaries presented by More Than Murtadd and Shift The Script.

After reacting emotionally and mentally, if you believe you are smart and rational? Here is a minimum paragraph of questions I would expect you to ask (in your own words) for the unusual claims put forward by Shift The Script, if you are an open-minded sceptic effectively applying any intelligence according to a simplified process of critical thinking, and not a logic-blocking knowledge-denier:

What questions do I need to ask? How are the percentages derived? What do I think I know? What do I need to know? What are the original references, language(s) and sources used to make the claims? Who is putting forward these claims, and how does that affect the original references, language(s) and sources for the claims? How objective and professional is the language and approach used to put forward such claims? What is the evidence, in terms of context and relevance? How strong is the evidence? Is the evidence verified? Has anyone tried debunking the claims and evidence? If you believe you have understood the material well enough to make a conclusion, to what extent are you able to accurately summarise and sufficiently explain the material to someone who knows nothing, without peeking at the original summaries? How careful, attentive and thorough are you, about fact 1 and fact 2?

Before continuing, I wish to quote part of a letter dated 13 May 2019 in Malaysiakini by Dr Wan Wardatul Amani Wan Salim of post-NASA achievements, retweeted by Nurul Izzah Anwar on 14 May, daughter of Malaysian-Prime-Minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim.

“There is no place for pretenders within science – merit, integrity, and intellectual freedom are paramount. Regardless if a worthy idea comes from an 18-year-old or a 61-year-old: the value of an idea is in itself, not in who or where it comes from. Freedom of thought and the space to explore them should be the hallmark of higher education. University leaders and senior professors need to be able to accept criticism from the young or anyone with an open mind, because only this will allow a university to flourish. My only hope and interest are for Malaysia to fulfil the promise and potential of its citizens who we know (but perhaps may not recognise) have plenty of talent, energy, and innovation to offer the world.”

May that noble sentiment hold true as reality for everyone and not empty words ignored by those espousing the letter, since the time has come to test it NOW.

Shift The Script is claiming most of the global population does not know what the investigation presents, which is centred around the entirety of details related to 2 facts. This claim applies to 99% of the world: All non-Muslims and at least 98% Muslims. This article tells world leaders the investigation is “exposing details which will solve many problems and permanently improve diplomatic relations, societies, courts, and economies of all countries”.

What do I think I know? What do I need to know?

2 very different questions necessary to improve your self-awareness about potential errors and assumptions you possess, while honing awareness for knowledge, when approaching a topic. Wait for Part 2.

What are the original references, language(s) and sources used to make the claims? (World leaders, you need to see this section)

At least 99% of the global population today (98% of all Muslims + All non-Muslims) wastes trillions of dollars daily, while making trillions of decisions daily based on fundamental ignorance, due to not knowing the entirety of fact 1.”

That is the claim. What is fact 1 as the basis of the claim, and what is fact 1 in its entirety? Fact 1 requires exposing and connecting the ground-breaking evidence proving all the earliest Muslims including the Prophet Muhammad endorse a flat earth theory due to believing the sun moves back and forth in 2 directions across this planet to create day and night for all countries. Notice the picture headlining this article, deserving commentary and the attention of everybody?

The entirety of fact 1 requires making people of all countries on this planet aware of how the evidence proves many people wrong in your assumptions and beliefs, and how all governments are wrong. Legal changes are needed across many fields in many countries, due to exposing how a well-hidden key component within a core unchanged scholarship of Sunni Islam from more than 1000 years ago proves the Qur’an and Islam has no authority and validity in any courts, societies, governments and constitutions for more than 1000 years, including today. 

Fact 1 exposes a book published using fluent English and Arabic in 2010 by a Saudi Arabian scholar and professor, through a Saudi Arabian publishing company claiming to be the global leader in Islamic books. This Saudi Arabian scholar Dr Mohammed Al’Areefi has a prestigious career in Sunni Islam. His achievements include being a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad’s Companion Khalid Ibn Al Walid (First Generation Muslim), a professor of Aqueedah and religions at King Saud University in Riyadh, a member of the Muslim World League, giving Friday sermons (khutbah) throughout mosques in Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years, and his 2010 Arabic version of the book received funding from the Saudi Telecommunications Company.

Fact 1 also reveals one more book by a different scholar through the same publishing company, to show the global public verses of the Qur’an in fluent English and Arabic without any mistranslations, and the source material has been accurately quoted.

Dr Mohammed Al’Areefi’s qualifications will prevail over more than 95% of Sunni Muslims today, and all Sunni Muslims who do not speak Arabic fluently and are not ulama (scholars of Sunni Islam) are not qualified to refute him and hence Shift The Script on Fact 1, if you want to play the authority card of qualifications.

Starting from page 411 across 5 pages, he reveals a major sign about “The Rising of The Sun From Its Place of Setting”. In his 2010 book explaining more than scholars of Sunni Islam teaching Muslims to expect a final battle with the Jews and Christians from more than 1000 years ago (and other signs of the Hour before the Day of Judgement), he reveals the authenticity of the relevant oral traditions more than 1000 years ago from the Companions justifying this sign as being classified of the highest authority, and hence this major sign is obligatory belief on all Sunni Muslims.

The weighty oral traditions for this sign outnumber the weighty oral traditions explaining how Sunni Muslims have 5 pillars of Al-Islam and 6 principles of faith from more than 1000 years ago. Teaching pillars such as the Day of Judgement to Malaysian Muslim children can be done, to children as young as 3-years-old.

Why is this obligatory belief on all Sunni Muslims not public knowledge to all Sunni Muslims outside Saudi Arabia or outside the Middle East, given the conviction of his statements allowing for no flexibility? Why are Grand Muftis in non-Islamic countries silent on this major sign? Why is this major sign in its entirety not clearly taught in public sources available, or sparsely mentioned in public internet searches such as DuckDuckgo or Google?

Why is such an important detail for all Sunni Muslims shared in a non-obvious manner, using selective methods? Many Muslims in Southeast Asia and South Asia are not fluent in Arabic. Can you easily find this in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Japanese, Hangeul or any of the many languages in countries where Islam is established?

Read 5 pages of this 2010 book, and you will quickly understand how and why former vice-president of the Islamic University of Medina and former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ibn Baz lambasted Riyadh University in 1966 for teaching students “untruths” about the earth rotating on its axis to revolve around the sun. Egyptian journalists had a field day roasting the Sheikh’s article for asserting the earth is fixed and the sun orbited the earth. Sheikh Ibn Baz is a former Grand Mufti.

Do any Sunni Muslims dare to claim the former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia would not know this detail of such importance in Sunni Islam related to one of the six pillars of faith, since he is fluent in Arabic, has obviously read widely of the ancient scholars, and is one of the ulama classified by the Prophet Muhammad more than 1000 years ago as the Heirs of the Prophets? Why did he write such an article?

How does this book prove all the earliest Muslims endorsed a flat earth theory? Other than language about the sun “rising from the West” and “rising from its place of setting”, it explains how and why 6:158 of the Qur’an was given because the Prophet Muhammad taught Companion Abu Dharr where the sun goes every day, moving in 1 direction to prostrate itself before Allah’s throne and told to go back whence it came until one morning, when Allah tells the sun to “Go and rise from your place of setting.”

How does this major sign using all narrations from Companions of the Prophet Muhammad prove the former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and this modern scholar in his 2010 book endorse the earliest Muslims all believing in a flat earth? Shift The Script steps in to point out the earliest Muslims obviously believed in a geocentric flat earth, because there are no mentions of this planet having movements AND no mentions of a moving planet around the sun in any saḥīḥ ʾaḥādīth, and no awareness of how the periods of daylight are affected at different parts of the world. The sun going back and forth, in only 2 directions, every day?

The only way someone can believe all countries and land masses have day and night on this planet every day, due to the sun moving back and forth in 2 directions every day? The planet must be flat for the believer. It can be a flat square-shaped piece, a flat disc described as round, a flat oval, but the geometrical dimensions of the planet must resemble a flat plane, not a globe or sphere.

In Sweden, a small mining town known as Kiruna exists. This town is 145 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Every year on this planet, long before this town or Islam ever existed, the area where Kiruna is now located experiences only sunlight and no darkness in summer, twenty-four hours a day for almost two months. In 2014, there was only day and no night from late May to mid-July, which complicated fasting matters for a few hundred Muslims in the Islamic month of Ramadan.

In Norway, there is an island known as Spitsbergen. The island experiences four months of continuous daylight in summer, and four months of continuous darkness in winter. Areas in the Arctic pole and the Antarctic Pole also experience continuous daylight for 24 hours due to specific latitudes, leading to those areas experiencing what people easily term as 6 months of daylight with no sunset, and 6 months of darkness with no sunrise.

Why was the Prophet Muhammad ignorant about all these places? He would not have taught Abu Dharr how and where the sun goes in such an obviously wrong manner, to create day and night for all land masses on this planet… if he knew this planet resembled a 3-dimensional sphere and not a flat circle, and if he knew this planet has movements such as rotation.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan poses a challenge to Muslims in sub-Arctic towns such as Kiruna, because the fast begins at dawn and only ends at sunset. If Muslims living in certain parts of the Nordic countries are aware and truly faithful to the authentic Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad while knowing nothing about the curvature of the earth, they would have died from starvation and thirst because there is no sunrise and sunset for at least 2 months, so suhoor and iftar obviously don’t apply.

Who do ordinary Muslims depend on, to tell them about when to break their fast and start fasting for Ramadan? The scholars of Sunni Islam. The scholars of Sunni Islam can be found in books published for Malaysian children as young as 12, naming the ulama as the Heirs of the Prophets using specific references.

Believing in Ramadan, Islam enshrined in Constitutions of more than 20 countries, existence and functioning of mosques and madrasahs and Sharia courts, having to spend so much resources and money on counter-terror measures, buying halal food, claiming the need for halal slaughter of animals, endorsing Al-Hijab or khimar or the Qur’an, claiming money or paying money for any aspect of Islam as justification to affect someone’s life- These are numerous examples of overwhelming daily evidence TODAY proving billions of people are ignorant about obligatory belief in the Major Sign of the Sun Rising From The West before the Day of Judgement, which the ulama of Sunni Islam are supposed to teach all Sunni Muslims paying them with time, money and trust… for more than 1000 years.

How much money is every country spending daily, with regards to Islam? How much are the citizens spending daily? How much is the world spending daily, on Islam? Is it ethical to keep terrorists such as Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Islamic State ignorant about the complete irrefutable failure of Sunni Islam from more than 1000 years ago, which is the responsibility of people and governments who care about fellow citizens?

Many ordinary Sunni Muslims will find this very hard to accept, because many of you have never heard of this. I’m not asking you to believe. I’m asking you to see Critical Summary 4 for yourself and understand what is being presented there. Here is one question you need to answer, before anything else: Is it fair for you and your mothers, fathers, daughters and sons to be denied vital information, which makes your loved ones unable to make properly-informed decisions affecting their entire lives every day?

Is Muslim 500 2019 Muslim Man of the Year Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamed aware of all Muftis in Malaysia still being publicly silent on this subject, while they are obviously open to commenting on everything else? The ulama’s glaring silence and negligence in teaching you and all Sunni Muslims in other countries about this is exposed in police reports filed in Malaysia and Israel during March 2019, as Urgent Breaking News for all countries.

Critical Summary 4 linked in that article of Urgent Breaking News will reveal the full extent of fraud inflicted upon you and many unsuspecting Muslims, for more than 1000 years. Critical Summary 3 shows Malaysians certain facts many of you might not realise. Do you realise how this also affects non-Muslims?

If the ulama of Sunni Islam teach the entirety of Fact 1 publicly to all Sunni Muslims outside the Middle East today, they would become permanently jobless while irreversibly destroying Sunni Islam in all countries, and also destroy all other divisions of Islam. You cannot comprehend the unavoidable reality of this detail, if you don’t understand how China, Singapore and Malaysia protect citizens which greatly limits Sunni Islam and hence enables significant differences to be observed, compared to all other countries.

You would need to possess specific skills in writing and research, including knowledge of the 4 critical viewpoints of the physician-academic, for problem-solving. You also need to understand the oral tradition equivalent to one-third of all knowledge in Sunni Islam and extending to 70 topics of fiqh, rewarding intentions based on how Islam should be perpetuated by a Muslim for the sake of migrating to Allah… to know all this and be a whistle-blower? Will disqualify 99.99% of the global population today.

Tun Mahathir, are you aware that you endorse all the earliest Muslims who prove the Qur’an is completely non-divine and failed basic science as your best role models for humanity, for more than 93 years? Do you realise how you have wrongly advised many people as a leader, for decades? Do you want Malaysia to grow, and the rakyat to prosper in many fields?

You have said it is a moral obligation to help Palestinians. Malaysia suffers because so many Malaysians are ignorant about the failure of Sunni Islam, the Qur’an, and Islam. The responsibility of informing all these people should have been carried out by all Muftis long ago, including the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and every Mufti living in various states of Malaysia.

The responsibility now depends on whistle-blowers who will take action and speak out for their loved ones being unfairly cheated. Please inform the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Please question all the Muftis, and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS).

Since Tok Mat is deceased, question Hadi Awang about the contents of Critical Summary 4, which unveils 2 books available at certain bookstores in places such as Australia, Canada, France, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa and USA. UMNO and PAS are finalising a joint charter. The roots of PAS are based fundamentally on Islam.

The people responsible for collating, interpreting and maintaining the chain of Sharia have always been the scholars of Sunni Islam, who can trace their roots of authority for more than 1000 years in the following indisputable manner according to the scholarship of Sunni Islam pertaining to Taqlid:

Prophet Muhammad >> Sahabah (Muslims who had met or saw the Prophet Muhammad and died believing in him) >> Tabi’een (Muslims who know at least one Sahabi, and the generation after the Sahabah ) >> Mujtahid Imams of the first and second century of Islam, especially the 4 imams who founded the 4 major schools of Islamic Jurisprudence in Sunni Islam to preserve the foundations of Sharia (Qur’an and Sunnah).

Why have you never heard about this sign in the Hour before the Day of Judgement being obligatory belief for all Sunni Muslims, about the Sun rising from its place of Setting in the West, a sign based on multiple mutawaatir oral traditions?

Malaysian publishers sell books for children as young as three-years-old, quoting one oral tradition from Ṣaḥīḥ alBukhārī about 5 pillars of Al-Islam and 6 principles of faith (See Critical Summary 3). The fourth pillar is fasting in the month of Ramadan. Identifying as a Sunni Muslim means you automatically endorse 5 pillars and 6 principles, including the principle of the Day of Judgement requiring certain major signs of the Hour which must happen before it. And one of the major signs is this sign I have revealed, according to the earliest Muslims.

There are many facts hidden from you, including multiple imams who have taught their followers why Islam is not a religion and how the earliest Muslims understood the word “Deen” of Al-Islam in the Qur’an so it cannot be wrongly translated as “religion”. Some of these imams live in the USA, are American citizens born in the USA or foreign migrants, and they teach all this to specific audiences while publicly claiming religious benefits for Islam from the host country. There are also deceased scholars of Sunni Islam from countries such as Pakistan, who have also taught how Islam is a Deen and not a religion. How well do you understand Taqlid?

If you don’t save the evidence using proper back-ups, the evidence will vanish. More Than Murtadd has what you need, if you are brave enough to face reality needed to help Malaysia move forward.

I’m not asking you to believe. I need you to understand what is being revealed, so you can help the people you claim to care about. Is it fair for scholars of Sunni Islam to hide all this from your sons, your daughter, and your grandchildren? What about your wife? Do you love and respect her?

Every government needs help. Every world leader needs help. Every country needs the help and co-operation of its citizens and other countries, to advance peacefully. Not military contractors. Not rockets. Not bullets. Stop destroying each other in the Middle East, which means the governments and people of Iran and Saudi Arabia must be given all this information, so everyone can choose to change peacefully. 30 to 40 minutes of reading and understanding, followed by dialogue, is ethically and economically smarter than resorting to suffering and sacrificing lives in months or years of wars based on ignorance.

This issue can only be tackled by a global conversation also happening in many countries. All of you need to talk wisely and productively, when discussing between leaders. And I want to talk to you, Tun Mahathir, just as I wish to speak with every leader named in this article, including Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu. 

I wrote you a letter in English and Bahasa Melayu, since the Malaysian police may not realize it is important to inform you and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Dewan Rakyat for the sake of the citizens, as I requested in my police report to newly-retired IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun while citing parts of the Constitution. You are a very busy man with so much to tackle, so I will use social media to try and reach you. 

Tun Mahathir, since the ulama of Sunni Islam are the Heirs of The Prophets as specifically named by the Prophet Muhammad in numerous sources of the authentic Sunnah, why do more than 80% of all Muslims worldwide today (totalling more than 1.5 billion people) overwhelmingly identify as Sunni Muslims for Allah of the Qur’an due to being obviously ignorant about this failure by all the earliest Muslims in a key aspect of the core scholarship for Sunni Islam, dating back more than 1000 years which also has you believing in 5 principles of Al-Islam and 6 pillars of faith for Sunni Islam?

Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, and Israel are the 4 countries which have made the greatest impact on my life. As such, I aim to be fair. I hope my words reach your mind and your heart.  

Who is putting forward these claims, and how does that affect the original references, language(s) and sources for the claims? How objective and professional is the language and approach used to put forward such claims? What is the evidence, in terms of context and relevance? How strong is the evidence? Is the evidence verified? Has anyone tried debunking the claims and evidence?

Shift The Script has exposed the evidence and summaries with specific sources on a website for everyone to access publicly, to learn at your own pace. You simply need to have access to the internet and be able to read. Approximately half the global population is not connected to the internet.

There is no discrimination against any group seeing the evidence, which includes scholars of Sunni Islam in various countries privately teaching interesting details that you would not find publicly taught as official knowledge for the world, with explanations of why it is important to do so. I ask people to help with translations into other languages, so their fellow citizens can understand. The books central to Critical Summary 4 have also been exposed in their entirety for people to peruse, by also demonstrating where they can be found online.

The content and the conclusions about the scholarship of such a senior Saudi Arabian scholar have not been misrepresented, revealing those claims in their original entirety while being careful with the language used, to accurately convey expressed sentiments by key sources.

If you only rely on what you personally experience or what you want to believe, you will never realize the ultimate connective truths affecting billions of people in many countries today and for more than 1000 years, as revealed by Shift The Script and More Than Murtadd. What you deem as a criminal or charlatan can also be a victim. Some victims deserve more mercy than you believe. Others deserve to face justice for perpetuating treason and fraud.  

The evidence is solidly connected and presented, especially when 2 Darussalam books are available in many countries. Nobody has tried to debunk Critical Summary 4 because critics of Shift The Script are in denial, have not bothered to read and understand the evidence or try to play the authority card which Shift The Script has nullified.

The rest of the questions are answered in “Part 2 of Teaching Evidence-Based Wisdom to Ignorant Citizens and Leaders About THE Investigation For All Governments”

Near the beginning of this article, I asked if you subscribe to group 1 or group 2. This has nothing to do with whether you are left or right, liberal or conservative. This is fundamentally about your thinking which affects your character, not self-ascribed political identities.

If you subscribe to group 1, you can help victims and work with others to change this world ethically and effectively. It depends on what you choose to do offline and online. Curiosity is one of several factors to overcoming any ingrained prejudices or flawed assumptions. Willingness to question yourself and a different viewpoint for understanding enables you to practice a higher likelihood for learning more accurately and reasoning more wisely. 

Your anterior frontal lobe is stimulated when you perceive something negative that hurts your ego, which is a normal acceptable reaction. Making a conscious choice to remember the details and evaluate something which can disprove your beliefs stimulates the temporal lobe, which is associated with processing information at a more complex level.

If you subscribe to group 2: After reading the answer above, I am pointing out how you are so focused on your emotions and ego that you cannot see beyond yourself and where you might be wrong. “Metacognition” is a word you need to urgently understand. Your lack of curiosity is a key factor contributing to your lack of awareness for vital details and evidence-based wisdom. “Well-adjusted” is about conscious choice, not a lack of self-discipline.

You have used reality to confirm you are not smart where it matters because you are not using any intelligence you claim to have, due to lacking a growth mindset and not exercising required rationality. This makes you prone to repeating the same mistakes in all future situations whereby you don’t agree with someone upon hearing something disagreeable, because you have an unproductive mindset stuck in your refusal to grow through critical evaluation and open-minded questioning. Are you aware of strategies and processes to help people to learn how to rationalise, especially through complex issues? Will you grow up?   

~ Warm regards, Paras

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