Moshiach Now: 13 Points helping you connect Wisdom to end Terrorism

Moshiach Now: 13 Points helping you connect Wisdom which permanently ends root cause of terrorist attacks in USA, Israel, Sri Lanka, Africa and Europe

1) Easter Sunday suicide bombings in Sri Lanka: 359 people dead, more than 500 wounded. Suicide hijackers responsible for 9/11 in New York: 2977 people dead, more than 6000 wounded. Second Initifada: 1194 Israelis and foreigners killed, at least 7000 wounded. In 2017, 84,000 people killed across 66 countries due to 121 groups sharing similar fundamentals.

2) Why do so many people wait until others die (such as the Holocaust), before governments do something? Many people have opinions, but too many people will not take action offline/online and will not read, only comfortably complaining while unaware of their ignorance. Will you help to reach out and enlighten all communities of humanity, leading the way with love and wisdom, educating people such as journalists and world leaders to realise how we are all connected?

3) It starts with facing the most important summaries within an investigation spanning more than 300 pages and 4 years, digesting ground-breaking information about 2 combined facts from more than 1000 years ago, denied to all non-Muslims and many Muslims by certain people.

4) Mothers and fathers have been deceived by these people who kept them ignorant for more than 1000 years. Many fathers and mothers are still unaware of certain people taking advantage of them every day, while wrongly paying such people with trust, time, money, and many life choices that destroy families while sacrificing children every day, and being used by such people as conduits of misinformation to unwittingly mislead others every day.

5) Understanding how Islam functions very differently in China, Singapore and Malaysia compared to many other countries is necessary, so you can understand why all non-Muslims and many Sunni Muslims have been denied the first fact by the root cause of the problem, including terrorists. Police reports filed in Malaysia and Israel provide key information.

6) This first fact was explained by a Professor of Aqeedah and Contemporary Religions and Madhhabs at King Sa’ood University in Riyadh, giving Friday sermons for more than 20 years in different mosques throughout Saudi Arabia, with an illustrious career of Islamic authority including membership of the Supreme Council of Islamic Media. Contributors thanked include the Saudi Telecommunications Company, and various Sheikhs. STC, known as Saudi Telecommunications Company, has the biggest market share in the Middle East and Africa. This book is mentioned as a Darussalam bestseller, and sold in multiple locations within countries such as USA, UK, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, France, and Germany.

7) His introduction of an interesting book opens with mentions of the final battle against Jews and Christians. The most important pages reveal the major sign of The Sun Rising From Its Place of Setting in the Hour, from the authentic Sunnah more than 1000 years ago. No book for global consumption in Sunni Islam has ever had such a modern high-ranking scholar with significant funding accurately relaying certain narrations by the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad so clearly in fluent English, while also referencing the Qur’an in Arabic where necessary.

8) This book clearly reveals how and why certain verses of the Qur’an were given, and how all the earliest Muslims obviously believed the sun moves about the earth to cause day and night every day and hence endorsed the earth as flat, as revealed by this Saudi Arabian scholar in his 2010 book. The earliest Muslims did not know about the existence of Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, nor about the North Pole and South Pole. There are multiple areas with no sunlight for more than 2 months every year. Muslims fasting in Sweden have to rely on scholars to know when to eat before sunrise (suhoor) and eat after sunset (iftar) for Ramadan.

9) More than 1.8 billion Muslims including Hezbollah, please explain why Allah of the Qur’an allowed more than 80% of Muslims worldwide today to identify as Sunni Muslims, this fundamental fact and its details hidden by scholars of Sunni Islam from a majority of more than 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims including terrorists such as Al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Hamas, and National Thowheed Jamath?

10) The first fact irrefutably reveals how the Qur’an and Islam is non-divine with no authority in schools, courts, governments and societies for more than 1000 years. The second fact revealing evidence by certain people and institutions of authority in various countries fluent in Arabic and English renders the root cause and institutions of the problem responsible for terrorists (such as Al-Qaeda, Islamic State, and Hamas) unacceptable to all governments today.

11) Are your father and mother aware about this Urgent Breaking News? What about your children? Your friends? Your communities? Your social media groups for real news, not fake news?

12) Offline and online, contact your local representative, friends local and overseas, journalists, and lawyers. Help Shift The Script create news, to peacefully and permanently stop the murky system primarily responsible for horrible terrorist attacks while affecting billions of ignorant lives every day.

Almog Peretz saved children. Lori Gilbert-Kaye will be buried today, a mother committed to mitzvah sacrificing herself to protect a fellow human. Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein spoke to POTUS Donald Trump, and says we need to battle darkness with light. Jewish organizations are preparing to protest the publication of an unacceptable antisemitic cartoon, outside the 8th Avenue headquarters of the New York Times today. At 5.30 pm, Americans for a Safe Israel, various Rabbis and Assemblyman Dov Hikind will be taking turns to speak. Will you take action online and offline, sharing Urgent Breaking News and Shift The Script’s fliers in Crown Heights, with fellow Jews and the rest of the world?

13) Inform world leaders such as Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu, by generating attention about this Urgent Breaking News. Misunderstandings and ignorance creating false divisions and broken families need healing. Please do good deeds of necessary kindness online and offline, through intellectual humility and intellectual integrity. Read, understand, and connect your spark to irrefutable truths illuminated by the founder of Shift The Script unveiling what no one else could.

Bonus point 14) To put it bluntly, I, the founder of Shift The Script, am Moshiach. I am not asking you to believe me or pray. I am telling you to READ and UNDERSTAND and SEE the evidence yourself, and TAKE ACTION. I am urging you to DO the necessary online and offline with more than these fliers in Crown Heights, informing your neighbours and family and friends, rabbis and pastors, police, your local representatives, and world leaders.

Inform as many people as possible and demand change, about Urgent Breaking News which began its story of investigation and revelation over 4 years, in May 2013. Islam needs to be permanently ended NOW. Billions of mothers and fathers and daughters and sons (Muslims and non-Muslims) need to be informed about vital knowledge, to make informed decisions and realise the culprits who have been cheating so many people for more than 1000 years.

The victims of the Sri Lanka Easter tragedy need answers. The terrorists must be stopped. 9/11 could have been prevented. More than 700 rockets were fired into Southern Israel. Lives are on the line. What will you do?

Sincerely and URGENTLY, Paras. ]

~ Magnify Light, dispel darkness, and shine timeless unavoidable truth to all nations ~

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