Dear Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu,

I am writing about an urgent ground-breaking investigation which you, Ari Fuld, Golda Meir, and many people worldwide have long awaited, hence I must disagree with you.

At February’s 2019 Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, you mentioned Arab leaders in Warsaw also view Iran’s leaders and their choices as the biggest problem in the Middle East today.

That is an understandable conclusion, but not sufficiently accurate. The biggest problem in the Middle East affecting many countries including Iran’s leaders goes back more than 1000 years, exposed on More Than Murtadd. More Than Murtadd is an investigation revealing 3 combined facts which 99% of the global public today urgently need to know.

What you need as a summative start is in an article of less than 2720 words titled “LARGEST GLOBAL PROBLEM TODAY: Answers found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia” [1].

If you have less than 6 minutes, 6 quotes [2] convey the general gist. If you only want one question, to know the root cause of the Middle East’s biggest problem?

[ All scholars of Sunni Islam today, why did you not teach all Sunni Muslims and non-Muslims in every country about 2 facts together: The failure of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah from more than 1000 years ago in the major sign of the sun rising from its place of setting, and how the earliest Muslims understood the Arabic word “Deen” for Islam cannot be translated as “religion” more than 1000 years ago? ]

Intentions are very important, because certain people are officially labelled the heirs of the Prophets, according to the final prophet of a book about an all-knowing god regarded as divine authority by more than 1.8 billion people today.

More Than Murtadd is more than 300 pages of details, such as the major sign of the sun literally rising from its place of setting in the West [3] over a flat earth revealed in Arabic and English by a Saudi Arabian scholar giving Friday khutbah at mosques in Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years. His distinguished teaching career in Sunni Islam includes being a professor at King Sa’ood University in Riyadh.

Many Sunni Muslims don’t know the scholarship responsible for creating their ignorance about this major sign for more than 1000 years, especially terrorists such as Boko Haram and Islamic State slaughtering people and wasting lives without realising how all the earliest Muslims failed basic science more than 1000 years ago.

Of all divisions of Islam, Sunni Muslims constitute more than 80% of the global Muslim population, and many of them do not know about the non-divine failures responsible for the Qur’an and Deen governing their civilization more than 1000 years ago.

Many of your Arab counterparts in governments are also clueless, especially if they are Sunni Muslims. Broken families, wasted lives, so much unnecessary hatred and ignorance… people identifying as Israeli or Palestinian are suffering, especially those in certain areas deceived about lies going back more than 1000 years ago.

It is important to give everyone a chance and time, to change and move forward together. For loving peace to become reality, world leaders must hold discussions on many levels, and principled leadership must be demonstrated. Our world must have an evolutionary conversation.

How much will improve, once the irrefutable failure of the Qur’an and Sunni Islam is official? Address Islam using More Than Murtadd, to truly improve the Middle East. I offered to summarise for Donald Trump [4] and Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad to save time and be concise, and I warmly extend the same offer to you.

Other published Darussalam gems sold in many countries worldwide include explaining why Arab armies started the 1948 war while also encouraging killing Jews and Israel’s complete destruction on 6 March 2022, according to the heirs of the Prophets.

Enlightening ignorant people such as president of Germany Frank Walter-Steinmeier is necessary. He recently congratulated the Iranian regime known for repeatedly encouraging destruction of USA and Israel.

You can acknowledge mistakes and encourage others to change. Will you acknowledge your mistake in this issue, and allow me to help you, just as Shift The Script aims to improve humanity through fostering of evolutionary conversations between people of all countries?

Haim Jelin and Aida Touma-Suleiman are part of a bright future you can help create. Will you grasp a long-awaited source of truth, help me heal families, and improve lives everywhere?

Countries should help each other. Israel can be a light for nations. A force banishing evil demonstrates how the way forward must be forged, through incisive judgment and necessary kindness. I hope you will hear what I have to say.



Founder of Shift The Script and More Than Murtadd





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