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Hello ex-Muslim.
I'm an ex-Christian. Getting free was hard for me. I imagine it would be harder for you. I hope you find your way to a life of peace, love and hope. I feel that those of us who have questioned what we were told and rejected what was passed down to us have a lot of inner strength. I just want to encourage you today on your journey. It will probably always be a bit hard, but there will also be so much kindness, joy and wonder as we navigate our way through this vast world without the beliefs we once clung to.
With much love and warmth,
Your sister in humanity.
"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."(Psalm 118:8) "...except a man be born again,he can not see the Kingdom of Heaven."(see John 3:3)"But you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness;and all these things will be added unto you."(Matthew 6:33) "Submit yourself to GOD.Resist the devil,and he will flee from you."(see James 4:7-10) The greatest of the commandments is to love(obey)the LORD your GOD with all your heart,and soul,and mind;,and the second like it is to love your neighbor(others)as you love yourself.(see Matthew 22:37-40) If I have no charity(love),than I am nothing.(see 1 Corinthians 13)"Therefore all things whatsoever you would that men should do to you,do you even so to them: this is the law and the prophets."(Matthew 7:12) "Jesus said unto him, 'I am the way,the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father,but by me.' "(John 14:6)These are some of the keys to Heaven,and if there be any "shift of the script", you will have to start with the truth,and that truth is with The Good Shepherd,and Lord Jesus,the Christ or Messiah,is His name. May The LORD have mercy on all your souls,and may grace and peace be to all whom have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit of The Most High GOD is saying to you on this day until His return, on that dreadful day of The Lord;for He IS coming back extremely soon. This message is written with love, and exhortation to all!
I know when I tell my parents I won't be able to keep relations with them. Ex muslims are forced to live double lives. We aren't crminals or deviants, just people who refuse to follow the narrative when it doesn't add up and for that I can't sat sorry or express regret.
Dear Daughter,

I know that you have struggled since we moved to this country; to remain faithful and strong to the choices you made to wear hijab. I know it has been nothing short of difficult to stand out so boldly in junior high and high school among the bare headed and bodied girls around you, especially during a time in your life when desperately you wanted to fit in. I have struggled, too. I watched as you cried every night because no one wanted to be friends with "a freak," and how you debated in your head whether or not you would continue to wear it, continue to be a Muslima.

My fear has always been that you would give up on Islam and all that you believe. I am so proud that you decided to search within your deen for the answers to your questions, rather than turning to outside sources who may not understand Islam and therefore judge it and us from a place of ignorance. Thank you, daughter, for showing me such courage and strength in facing your daily jihad (struggle) and embracing your beliefs. And thank you for trusting me with your doubts and talking with me throughout. I do not know that I could have been as brave as you were. But I am so grateful that you were. Because I saw the difficulty of your life as an American-raised Muslima and all the challenges that come with it. And I appreciate your daily jihad and you for sharing it with me and allowing me to advocate for you when your baba did not understand your doubts.

There is always hope. I will always love you.
To the creation of the Creator most high,

My fellow brothers and sisters in humanity I pray this is read with the intention of love and the sincere prayers that the Creator most high guide us all to the straight path.
Always keep in mind that this life is with trials and we will be tested some harsher than others.

And most certainly shall We try you by means [125] of danger, and hunger, and loss of worldly goods, of lives and of [labour's] fruits. But give glad tidings unto those who are patient in adversity - 2:155

People are very quick to form judgements on others, and mostly without looking at themselves first. Being quick to criticize someone, a muslim or a non-muslim, is something to be avoided because we do not know a persons intention.

Do not lose faith for He is always with you.

I pray you all find peace and blessing of the Creator most high in this world and the next.

Your fellow human being that is flawed... a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend.
I wish you hadn’t made me feel unloved because of my sexuality.
Dear those who left Islam,

I am sorry you feel like you could not find peace in the religion. I am sorry if you feel like the people could not help you find the path. People aren’t perfect, but in my opinion the religion is. It teaches you to love and to care, to appreciate, and to always better yourself. Please do not feel like you must bash the religion to make yourself feel better for leaving it or to “educate” others. Your life is your choice. I hope that whatever and wherever youre doing in life, you find happiness.

Dad, you can't begin to understand what you did to me. Do you think I had a choice? Should I have carried on pretending, lying to myself and to you just to make things easier. That is not how you raised me. You are the one who taught me to value the truth, you are the one who made me live by the code of honesty. And now you are punishing me for it, and what a punishment this is. If I told what these last months have been like you would not believe it. I will spare you the details. But even if you were to beg me my forgiveness, i don't know if I could forgive you. If I could believe in your book, if it would erase everything, I would. But I can't.


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