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Is there something different about Memorial Day 2019?

What is Memorial Day? Memorial Day means different things to different people. Sleeping in. A long weekend. Remembering to buy more lighter fluid. Where’s the tent? Can you boil the eggs? How many Snickers bars are you bringing? Don’t burn the marshmallows! Yippee, the unofficial start to longer halcyon days and a hopeful summer in America! Twitter is spilling over with patriotism and memes and derision.

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Cold beer. Whoops of merriment accompany sizzling sausage links roasting over the coals, as many of your friends laugh at another joke from your girlfriend. Pork Chops. Hummus platter, carrot sticks, lactose-intolerant, he does not eat meat- How things have changed, since the days of traditional celebrations for Memorial Day. What’s that interesting exotic-sounding drink someone else brought? Instagram it!

Your aunt just shared a Facebook post, uploading a video of Uncle Frank’s full upper denture falling out of his mouth because he impatiently tried to bite into corn on the cob, instead of waiting for fresh hot buttered kernels to be sliced onto his plate. You try to ignore the urge to delete numerous emails about sales and tech deals cashing in on Memorial Day 2019, but the latest Apple Watch has a discount that’s hard to ignore…

When asked, Americans are usually quick to inform others about the importance of Memorial Day commemorating people who have perished in their duties carried out for the United States Armed Forces. Honoring their sacrifices. Keeping current patriots in the United States Armed Forces alive and healthy, so they can return to their wives and children after months of being in the field, before going back in.

Each memorialized soldier is a lesson reminding the world that learning correctly from history is important to prevent mistakes from being repeated, wars should be far from the first resort, but some wars are inevitable. The stories are haunting, vivid and humbling. Words to commemorate the fallen are carefully chosen. Every stranger is a mother, father, daughter, son to someone. You do not want to lose your loved ones too soon.

Talk can turn more political, to what different people think of different current politicians, how the current government treats Veterans and other officers, and the President of the United States of America. Past Presidents are mentioned, comparisons made. Some Americans may not be cussing, but what they think of soldiers or political enemies is not printable because their snarling overgeneralizes too much and condemns all.

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other news outlets churn out reports online and offline, about the POTUS and his wife paying respects to the dead at Arlington National Cemetery. Depending on your political view, you may not like certain news outlets. Some citizens speak venomously with anything but respect for the current POTUS and apply derisive labels from a long list. Other Americans weaponize social media while creating multiple posts tagged with #MAGA. Polarization is stark.

Yes, Memorial Day in 2019 is different. How different is it? Some things do not change. Some things change, without you realizing. Toilet break. Whatsapp is down. Let’s check out Twitter. European Union Elections. Ooh, how did they make that bonsai garden? Can’t we all get along, without being political for once?

Happily scrolling, browsing trends- What’s this? Are you a mother, father, daughter or son? Have you ever lost any of them in the line of service? Would you be willing to help end the largest global crisis today, peacefully, using evidence-based wisdom?

Billions of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons are unfairly denied vital information, thus unable to make certain decisions today. 99% of the world does not know 2 facts. The first fact irrefutably and permanently ends the world’s largest civilization and liberates its adherents, tackling related issues in all fields that affect almost every country today. The second fact informs all governments about how to tackle the root cause of 121 groups of terrorists responsible for killing more than 84,000 people across 66 countries in 2017. This includes those ultimately responsible for 9/11, not the hijackers. Trillions of dollars are wasted daily, because so many people do not know. Are your loved ones important to you?

Will you read, pause, overcome your assumptions and misunderstandings based on lack of accurate information, in light of ground-breaking evidence and professionally nuanced language? Will you Tweet, share, and inform others offline and online, especially government politicians and world leaders making big decisions every day?

Soldiers can stop dying in the Middle East, including American troops sent there. Bring the troops home. What would you choose, if you were POTUS and trillions of dollars could be redirected to the lives of fellow citizens? Flint water crisis. Health care. Infrastructure. Are teachers paid fairly?

Gosh. Big questions. Big statements. What will you do?

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