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In honour of Raif Badawi: Problems needing solutions, all connected to one topic

Raif BadawiShift The Script can see the network of problems far more clearly than most people, and below is a short list from a much-longer list covering issues suffered by real victims, bound by a common problem and in need of a solution:

~ Saudi Arabia teenager Murtaja Qureiris of the Shiite minority faces death penalty for taking part in protest when he was 10-years-old.

~ According to report commissioned by British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Christians are being persecuted to genocidal levels in the Middle East

~ 7 years to this day, Raif Badawi was arrested. His family is still waiting in Canada to be reunited with him.

~ Women’s rights and freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia: woefully terrible.

~ More than 1 million people in more than 200 countries have signed a petition condemning the injustice handed down to Nasrin Sotoudeh by Iran’s government, and demand her freedom. 30 years of jail and more than 100 lashes is inhumane.

~ Wafa al-Subaie and Maha al-Subaie tricked the Absher app, and managed to escape Saudi Arabia. 2 other Saudi sisters have not been so lucky, ever since Twitter mysteriously suspended their accounts. 

~ Iranian social media users threaten to boycott taxi app Snapp for giving in to “Un-Islamic” values, after a woman spoke out about being unfairly kicked out of a taxi for not wearing hijab and the company said it would apologise

~ Ex-Muslims in region such as South Asia and Southeast Asia have a hard time speaking out and being heard. Ex-Muslims of Sri Lanka gave insight about their problems in 2017, remaining anonymous. Today, they remain anonymous even when speaking out.

~ That main problem about not seeing much news covering Ex-Muslims from certain regions in Asia? It is difficult to get news exposure in a fair manner, when countries such as Malaysia’s former deputy minister officially threatened to crack down on apostates who are Malaysian atheists, and Malaysia’s social media was also very hostile towards them.

How lovely was Malaysian social media with comments from Malaysian Muslims on this topic? Calling for the founder of Atheist Republic to be beheaded, calling apostates and atheists poison, calling for punishments- How does Facebook allow these people to post freely and issue death threats to other people?

After the Malaysian group of Atheist Republic received such treatment for one photograph, problems arose for groups in other countries, such as Indonesia. Where are the people in the West who claim to stand up for minorities, speaking up for these atheists and Ex-Muslims?

It is quite difficult to be an apostate in Southeast Asia and South Asia. When your options are few to begin with and mainstream media does not touch you, you’re thankful for any fair and detailed coverage you get in a language that many people can read and understand, regardless of whether the news coverage is provided by a religious Catholic site or non-religious atheist site. English is the biggest language of shared communication. Many victims are not able to get what they need, because of circumstances, limited options, and language barriers.

Couple the above challenges with people who boycott discussions and have unrealistic purity beliefs in terms of no association with others deemed politically untouchable, leaving victims to seek help where they can find it? Why do you condemn victims who find aid with those you classify as incorrigible, when you’re contributing significantly to the problem of the victims with your attitude of refusing to find out, with a lack of fairness?

~ More than 84,000 deaths in 2017, because of 121 groups sharing the same ideology, and what is the cost?

~ 35 villagers in an ethnic Dogon village died, after being attacked. Mali faces a growing threat.

There are so many relevant issues which accumulate every day, making this list infinite and almost depressing. There is a solution for all the above problems? What is the best method, to connect people to a solution?

The answer may depend on maximum simplicity, in a day and age where people do not read and are afflicted by lack of awareness of their dysrationalia, before opining. Shift The Script’s review page has been spammed by people who have accused Shift The Script of being anti-Muslim or advancing agendas for Islam, all of which are wrong.

An evolutionary conversation requires a foundation of intellectual integrity and intellectual humility. And when at least 99% of the world needs to know 2 facts together, to make informed choices? Trying to peacefully eradicate understandable mass ignorance in billions of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons using objective language is not discriminatory.

Calling names and making unfair statements about projects you couldn’t be bothered to read or understand is discriminatory, because you are lazy and harming the people who need help, in a complex process which must facilitate effective solutions and accurately illuminates problems.


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