I want to see Islamic teachings in this country grow strong - Shift the Script

“I want to see Islamic teachings in this country grow stronger,” says Sultan of Brunei


This statement of devotion by a man who is completely clueless about a certain hoax has led to him implementing the third phase of a terrible system affecting Brunei, which is not too late to reverse or do more than that. 

Ever since the Aceh Ulama Council played a primary role in helping a delegation of Brunei officials understand how to implement certain laws? The Sultan of Brunei has borne the full brunt of widespread outrage online and offline, over his choice of officially carrying out the implementations. Consequences in many fields are inevitable, along with some questionable silences.

Some LGBT people have fled, and speculation about the implementation of these laws also involve guesses about the Crown Prince who is supposed to take over from his father soon and supposedly has no popularity, not helped by supposedly dwindling oil reserves.

Adultery and homosexuality are punishable by stoning to death according to Sharia, in countries such as Saudi Arabia. Brunei now shares with Saudi Arabia and terrorists such as Islamic State the honor of implementing what people might term as “regressing to 7th-century barbarism” to uphold what they deem as morality and values in their societies. Stoning anyone to death is barbaric. Islamic State had a man and woman stoned to death for adultery, and it is sad to know a father murdered his own daughter because of being oblivious to a certain hoax.

Is anyone boycotting Saudi Arabia? Will boycotts work in the long run? What is the best permanent solution forward for everyone, without unfairly penalizing the people of Saudi Arabia and Brunei?

The primary problem with the decisions of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei? He does not know about the irrelevance of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah that he is faithfully implementing, and he should be asking one question all world leaders need to ask:

Why have scholars of Sunni Islam refused to teach Non-Muslims and many Sunni Muslims 2 major truths together from over 1,000 years ago that can be verified today?

More Than Murtadd holds the answers and if the Sultan wishes to realize how he has been deceived and endorsing a lie, and needs to change Brunei? Shift The Script’s Press Release about 84,000 deaths across 66 countries due to global education fraud by a specific minority will help him understand.

Read Our Mission to see police reports filed in Malaysia and Israel about a hoax that has been perpetuated for more than 1000 years and needs to stop. After that, Critical Summary 4 is the best place to start cementing what the Sultan of Brunei and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia do not know, to change Brunei and Saudi Arabia for the better.

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