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Social media can be a potent force for good. Saudi Arabian teenager Rahaf was saved and found refuge in Canada, due to social media. There are people online, who do their best to help Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and Saudi Arabian citizen Raif Badawi.

Nasrin Sotoudeh has just been sentenced to 33 years of jail and 148 lashes, for being in the wrong country and bravely defending women who do not want to wear the hijab. Raif Badawi’s crime was to be in the wrong country and try to stand up for the rights of females, while wanting to improve his country through peaceful means such as writing. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail and 1000 lashes.

These online critics feel the injustice inflicted upon people such as Nasrin and Raif, they share information, they try to inform other people. You might be one of these people and if so: Thank You for being a fair critic and trying to help these victims.

When using social media, social media usually requires people to read and understand the article attached to a short description in a post before commenting, be it Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately, there are also people who refuse to read beyond a short description. These people also refuse to realise the importance of information being shared.

What is the difference between a crusader and a critic?

Due to considerations of putting longer contents into articles of a friendlier layout for people to read later, short descriptions are used, and trying to figure out the right extent or presentation of information is never easy. Accepting criticism is normal. Refusing to accept nonsense from crusaders should be realised as normal.

It is time to help you identify crusaders online, who usually harm, cripple or destroy causes trying to help people of horrendous evils and injustice such as Nasrin Sotoudeh, Yazidi women and children still enslaved by Islamic State, and Raif Badawi. 

Crusaders tend to exhibit a common arrogance which blinds them to their stupidity and harmful behaviour. It is impossible to please online crusaders who tick the following boxes:

# Reads short descriptions, but refuses to read articles

# Looks at certain posts, then ignores other posts to form selectively biased conclusions.

# Ignores pinned post

# Only reads one post, and decides to make a sweeping wrong conclusion

# Cannot process information beyond personal biases

# Use dishonest arguments/fallacious logic to submit an argument that does not exist.

What compounds the plights of Nasrin Sotoudeh, Raif Badawi, Nadia Ghulam and other people who have suffered or are suffering unnecessarily?

These online crusaders decide to comment on whatever they can while demonstrating the abilities above, not realising how wrong they are and misleading others. Shift The Script is prepared for all sorts of comments from critics and crusaders. Nevertheless, the stupidity and ego of some comments from crusaders is astounding. Below are some classic examples.

Putting up a petition: Could the description of the post be longer, to better describe the link to the petition of details, asking people to read before deciding to sign or not? We don’t know. If you say we should in a civil manner, we can do so. Is it too much, to hope people will respond in a civil mature manner? What do we get?

# Puzzling comments include accusations of trying to foster a New World Order. How is writing letters to world leaders such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, to try to inform them of the largest global crisis today (which is not about global warming or climate change) trying to foster a New World Order?

# If we could foster whatever this New World Order is supposed to be according to some crusaders, and in an easier manner, why ask the global public to read and consider helping?

# Being told is a George-Soros-owned platform. Are we not supposed to use petition platforms? Then what do we use?

Other comments on that post from crusaders obviously ticking the boxes of arrogance, ignorance and stupidity include:

“You simply promote hatred against the Muslims, Islam and the Qur’an, you will never be successful in your evil designs, though you will produce terrorists like Tarrant, who will follow you in terrorism, he did in NZ.” -Mohammad Daud

Unless you don’t read various posts on Shift The Script whereby various incidents are raised to foster awareness of events across the world, violence by terrorists to achieve ends has been condemned by Shift The Script at least twice over 5 months since its official launch in September 2018, and you also miss the consistency of Shift The Script emphasising many Muslims and non-Muslims in many countries don’t know 2 important facts combined together with important implications?

That is a complete failure to read and process information properly, while possibly using blatant dishonesty to dissuade people from reading what Shift The Script has clearly prepared for people in many countries.

Mohammad Daud has spammed other posts on Shift The Script telling people the same rubbish, but avoids addressing the pinned post with the first fact and its evidence, which Shift The Script has invited everybody to read (and refute if you can). He has been given a reply, but it is doubtful he will address the issue, as he has not displayed any intelligence or ethics.

What about the page of reviews and recommendations? Shift The Script is mostly spammed by crusaders on that page. Crusaders typically exercise the following pattern if they go into details, lacking intellectual integrity and intellectual humility:

  1. I disagree and ignore/misrepresent the stance of the entity I am opposing, shifting goalposts and create a simplified straw-man, then claim what I am opposing is wrong or evil. If it isn’t racist or sexist or something I deem -ist, I must make it become -ist.
  2. Try to mislead further, which is where ad hominems might be employed.
  3. Victory is mine! I refuse to give empirical evidence or accurate rebuttals
  4. Hope/imply for like-minded dogmatic crusaders to affirm and support me

Fate Myni doesn’t realise how ignorant she looks, trying to give a review of various posts on this community while demonstrating she doesn’t read beyond her biases. “Something about a sun rising”- That critical summary highlighting the importance of this fundamental Sunnah exposed by a Saudi Arabian professor with more than 20 years of giving Friday khutbah in mosques throughout Saudi Arabia is in the pinned post right at the top of our page, which Mohammad Daud also chooses not to address. The pinned post has been there for weeks, and the pinned post will be changed eventually.

Iqbal Haikal only became aware about Shift The Script, because of promoting the letter to Prime Minister Tun Mahathir for Malaysians. That crusader left a review claiming we are trying to propagate hate against Islam. 

Juanita Juaknott’s review claims Shift The Script is trying to push the “BS of acceptance” regarding Islam down the throats of others, implying we are trying to convert others to Islam. Rebecca Knight basically goes around, screaming in CAPSLOCK about Jesus and claiming Shift The Script is demonic.

At least 6 crusaders spamming Shift The Script’s review page to try to distort our contents and deter other people are clearly refusing to realise nuances and context accurately reflecting the complex reality of this world. In short, they refuse to read beyond their egos.

Juanita and Iqbal contradict each other, and they are wrong. Shift The Script believes in the importance of conversations to address issues, and all the crusaders are proving right our Question and Answer segment about the terrible communication skills and reading skills demonstrated by some people to inflict such stupidity on other people.

Shift The Script is highlighting an investigation the world needs to know, which took at least 4 years. Governments need to be aware of this investigation and the 2 facts, start an evolutionary conversation, and many lives will change for the better.

Nasrin Sotoudeh, Raif Badawi, Yazidi women and children, and so many other people need your help. Shift The Script is providing the world with details about the primary cause of their problems: Collaborative education fraud across many countries by a select group of people, thus deceiving 99% of the global public today. Offline action has been taken, which will be revealed in another post.

If you obtain ground-breaking information the world needs to know, what will you do?
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