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Education, Humanity and Pirkei Avot: Why Moshiach Now! fliers in Crown Heights?


Are you a father, mother, daughter, or son? What do you think about strangers? Being wary of strangers is normal. Some communities are more wary than others. If you were a stranger to people or communities, and you had something important they need to know, how would you reach out to them?

What if those communities have experienced continuous attacks or hostilities from strangers, especially when looking back through history until today? Tree of Life in Pittsburgh. Chabad of Poway. Arson in Boston could have killed people. Your fellow communities throughout Europe have experienced more hostilities and horrors than the largest bushel of grapes in summer, and the statistics set your teeth on edge. Opportunistic dishonest schmucks wait to take advantage of any trust and hospitality you extend: The most recent charlatans are proselytizers moving from Williamsburg to Chicago and infiltrating your community.

What does this stranger think, about the people who want to protect themselves from hostile strangers or dishonest strangers, past and present? Why organize for 1000 fliers to be posted in Crown Heights, claiming to be Moshiach, yet refrain from speaking to anyone personally in Crown Heights?

I have created a website for the public. I want to reach these communities about an investigation focusing on a topic that is completely unrelated to the dishonesty they have encountered, an investigation replete with details affecting them and the world every day which I believe is more important than focusing on myself. I’m not sure what’s the best way to reach out. Some people are more comfortable than others when it comes to extolling oneself to the public. I will not be able to meet many of them, because many of them do not want to talk to strangers.

But if I don’t explain myself to them, how will I convince them to consider reading what I have prepared for the world? What is the balance? Are matters complicated, when pseudo-messiahs wrongly proclaiming to be The One affecting their communities have existed throughout history? Among the divisions of New Testament believers, there are also modern self-proclaimed “messiahs”.

I don’t like the word “Messiah”. “Moshiach” or “Mashiach” is a title that carries tremendous weight beyond the understanding of many Jews, and that title does not refer to what many New Testament worshippers believe to be biblical Jesus. It took years to settle on a decision, punctuated with personal inner struggles of not believing and not wanting to have anything to do with that title.

As a child, I wanted to write something to help people, a hazy but stubborn idea that came from some strange conviction inside me. I wanted to contribute to world peace. I imagined it might resemble something akin to “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, maybe warm and fuzzy and piercing. But when you have gained certain skills from all your years of being in different places and learning from a diverse array of experiences and observations about how to see the world accurately, what happens when something challenges you, and you realize some people are cheating many people, and some of the cheaters do not know how they are being cheated?

Make a choice. Turn away. Or do something about it. I will do something about it. How to reach out? How to reach everyone? Pausing outside that kosher pizza place in Tel Aviv, across the road where the Great Synagogue stood, the idea of years quietly sitting in a corner of my mind was embraced. There must be a balance between them, us and I. 

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” – Pirkei Avot 1:14. Pirkei Avot is a disappointment to me, despite such lines of brilliance from Hillel.

If a person is Melekh HaMashiach or Mashiach and a voracious reader with a humble character knowledgeable about leadership and wisdom, reams of ink and print and thought and videos devoted to this individual for more than one thousand years demonstrate almost zero empathy or understanding of what so many people are assuming about such an individual. So many demands. Where is your sense of humility?

World peace? Destroying Amalek? Did you notice all the errors by Chazal, if merely focusing on the topic of medicine? Can you ignore any glaring errors by people in one field, and excuse these people in another field, or would you be careful? What is your rationale if you say such people can be excused in one but not the other and is it fairly justified? Do you believe Pirkei Avot is admirable and full of wisdom?

If you destroy a tree down to its roots, nothing remains. Killing or physical destruction is much easier than concocting a cure that pursues and devours sources, veins, and bulbs of evil or problems. To devise an effective antivirus, it must be more accurate than the roots of such poison. Ending wars and other deep-seated woes plaguing many people, without firing a rocket or a bullet? I have no desire to destroy the tree of humanity when I want it to flourish.

Pirkei Avot does not adequately simplify or remind humans about the roots of connection and humanity. Quotes are useful, but it is necessary to illuminate unavoidable webs across space and time and geography which many cannot see because too many people do not pause to reflect and realize. Using 300 to 500 words, weave a vital snippet of our reality into visibility, so minds can realize, and memories will endure beyond time. Ask every individual to use their own words and carry out such an exercise, to describe connections we cannot see with our eyes, but we can truly know without a doubt. 

Take out any modern mentions below, and most of the truths below would be irrefutable until humans destroy themselves:

Listen. Observe. Ask. Explore. Discuss. Argue. Speak with errors, patiently ponder fairness, grow in silences. Be responsible for your beliefs. Be wary with assumptions. Be cautious in drawing your conclusions. Be wise in altruistic love and necessary kindness, for they are siblings without separation. Hesitation is normal. Frustration is essential. Doubt hones questioning and without question, you will not learn to grow.

You need time to learn. Learn accuracy, which can only be wholly understood through mistakes and successes you observe and make. If you want to grasp the spark of a giant web connecting all humans throughout history, and into the future, understand Now: What you want to do; What you need to do; What you can refuse to do; What you do not need to do.

In what you use or what you eat, everything has a start, a process, and a finish. Many people work to produce and refine in all types of fields, so you need not toil in many of the same fields. An entire world educates a child. The whole of human history nourishes a human who lives to adulthood and beyond.

Your parents work to pay other people and help you grow, people work to pay your parents for their efforts so you can know joy, and your progress in laughter and tears toward adulthood is the product of so many networks of humanity joined together. If you have no parents and other adults took their roles, learn gratitude for the networks you cannot see but you can realize. 

Books. Clothes. Seeds. Favorite drink. Writing tools. Candles. Electricity. News. Technology. Toys. Daydreaming. Dust. Chemistry Kits. Origami. Mistakes. Buttons. Songs. Relieving your body of solid and liquid waste. What was chosen to be left out, and what was chosen to be included? Statistics were once accidents, successes, or footnotes created by people who agreed or never agreed to be included, from tens or hundreds or thousands or millions of years ago, and maybe yesterday.

How have resources been planted, harvested or created, so you can live as you do today? What languages do you speak? How many languages exist today? How will you find yourself, so you can improve upon errors and give meaning to the struggles and triumphs of many people from past and present, who contributed to you reaching Now?

In you, I hope to see myself. In me, I choose to reflect you. In us, I must know when to stand with and without you, but I will always be aware of you.

Wisdom may be restrained but is never empty when expressing love, due to knowing the distinctions and overlaps between altruistic love, unconditional love, and necessary kindness.

What memories did you recall, when you witnessed my words about humanity? Did you see only Jews? Did you see only one group? What did you see? Do you see only what you want to see, or did you see more than you have personally experienced? 

13 letters I wrote in London during May 2019, and 13 I have sent, all of which have reached their destinations last week. They were each enclosed with a flier. I will not disclose names and addresses here, even if I could do so. One of them I delivered personally because I am also curious to know if people make assumptions without verifying their assumptions.

If the essence of what I have gathered is true, in Pirkei Avot and so much content online and offline about Moshiach, Moshiach, Moshiach, Moshiach… Although I have walked through Crown Heights and London and Tel Aviv? Some will read. Others refuse to touch or read. No one reaches out, regardless of whatever contacts I leave, or if I try to reach out to talk to someone. No one does anything. Is it because I am not rude or obvious? Is it because I have no “insider” to enable others to listen? Are you hoping for a certain line to be uttered?

What is the point of extolling wisdom and kindness and leading by example and other respectable traits you claim to possess, when you are not demonstrating any of them?



Do I sound harsh? How many are damaged or irrational, to the point that they will not and cannot have normal conversations because they claim they must not have “wrong ideas in their head”, or claim to only give ideas through books they deem safe and believe they are not important as a person? You’ve never imagined or surmised the impossibility of getting through to people? See the video and realize how stunted some of these people can be. “Intelligent”, “rational” and “understanding” are impossible, when the mazes of walls in their minds are so dense, and they cannot see how they are damaged and irrational. Nothing I say will get through, which is why I did not approach the Neturei Katar and Satmar in any way. Chabad? Reality will tell me what I need to know.

Pity and sympathy are the least of what I feel when I become aware. One story is not everyone, but one person’s life can tell you so much.

And when people are damaged or irrational or inconsiderate, they are not aware of the pain and damage they can cause to others. Inconsiderate. Irrational. Sometimes, these two traits are the same in a person and at other times, they are different. However, the pain and damage some people inflict upon others do not differentiate between those two traits, which can result in deaths.

Twitter is an unexpected amazing discovery. Unlike Facebook with its pros and cons, Twitter is where people can have more proper civil conversations than on Facebook, although both mediums have their fair share of uncivilized verbal bullies who happen to be adults. I asked, and I received. How can you read this and not feel angry or upset at how oblivious the writer is, toward women? When you learn about the suffering and pain of others which can be relieved or prevented, what do you feel? How can you claim to have wisdom or understanding or knowledge as a Jew, when you ignore the needs, rights and voices of women? Do you think you have a right or any justifiable intellect to tell Moshiach what to do, based on such inexcusable behavior toward women?

The examples I am noting here reflect deep problems with Judaism. And needs professional fixing.

Fixing will require teaching people how to exercise evidence-based wisdom, for greater kindness and consistency of principles toward each other. Fixing will require solving a problem affecting billions of people and revealing it, where many of you need to learn where you have gone wrong in hasty judgment, and where you have gone wrong in lack of awareness. Fixing will require someone to teach the way, and wisdom is about demonstrating qualitative leadership, fairness, patience, and problem-solving abilities. It is not about spouting words and hiding from conversations and insisting people believe only your view, which reflects anything but wisdom. It requires urging people to learn, to read, to decide and on the grounds that you must be willing to talk to them fairly. It is not about telling people to believe first, and figure it out later. And that is only the start.

Looking at the entire network of problems across space and time is enough to make many people curl up in bed and not want to wake up. But I am determined to find the people who understand and will help: The mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons who care about peacefully relieving the suffering and problems of other daughters, sons, fathers and mothers. Every human is at least one of the 4 categories. Does it matter whether such people fit your definition of righteous people or proper Jews, if you do not exercise wisdom or knowledge or understanding, and make a difference to improve what needs your help?

What matters is what a person ultimately chooses to do and say, to help their fellow humans, demonstrating wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. What matters is the choice to pause, to read, to question, to overcome any wrong assumptions and prejudices you possess, to understand, and to change. There is a limit to being so open-minded or so close-minded that you have no reliable values to recognize. What do I want people to do? Billions of daughters, sons, mothers, and fathers are being cheated of vital information 99% of the world needs, just as they have been cheated for more than 1000 years. And it has taken 6 years to get to this point. 6 years of people dying and being wrongly punished and suffering, due to making ignorant choices.

I want people to read and understand the flier, and 2 important articles. I don’t ask people to believe. I aim to find people who will match words and actions, who will see the police reports filed in Malaysia and Israel during March 2019, and help inform all governments about an investigation based on evidence-based wisdom and ground-breaking information, to improve all countries and the lives of billions of mothers, father, daughters, and sons. Such people can be tribal, but not blinded by tribalism.

Who are you, offline and online, the ones I have not yet spoken to, but I need, to help me improve the lives of billions of people because you will read, reach out, and speak out?

These fliers will help me distinguish between doers and speculators for specific groups. Speculators have paid lip service and stay in their comfort zone, which possibly makes such hypocrites worse than gossipers because gossipers at least spread the word. Doers will realize what is important and most importantly, have enough curiosity and fairness to temporarily put aside prejudices and assumptions about a stranger they have never met, to reach out and ask me.

Anyone can claim to be a messiah, and none will be taken seriously without proof unless the ability to talk some people into believing without proof is considered “proof”. Basic qualifications for anyone claiming ground-breaking leadership requires demonstrating abilities to solve at least one problem nobody else can solve, which affects millions or billions of lives, to advance humanity. Ground-breaking claims need ground-breaking advances.

Yes, I’m claiming a ground-breaking position, but I am also claiming I can back up my claims. Unlike other self-proclaimed wannabes and charlatans, I am unveiling a problem from more than 1000 years ago accurately, down to its roots.

None of the sages (including Maimonides) have displayed an understanding of certain skills required for world peace, which includes skills frowned upon because a lot of questioning is involved. Creating a paradigm shift requires understanding the first problem to unveil for solving, within a network of problems holding back humanity. Getting that out for the world to understand requires overcoming many obstacles to help billions of mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons. Tackling the political circus plaguing Israel.

Pointing out how scholars of Sunni Islam have denied so many fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons vital information for more than 1000 years is due to at least 4 years of careful vetting and objective evidence-based science utilizing the 4 critical viewpoints of the physician-academic for conclusions, not instant news craved by people using social media. People on both sides who refuse to read the necessary, blinded by prejudice in their views, and lack the skills required to investigate accurately have accused my stance as being anti-Muslim or too pro-Muslim.

Pointing out 99% of today’s global population being ignorant of 2 facts is not racist or hateful. Pointing out billions of mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons have been affected and thus making decisions that are not properly-informed is not racist or hateful. People who don’t read and are blinded by dysrationalia will not realize how they contribute to innocent people becoming victims, or overlooking victims, because they refuse to identify many problems in their thinking before giving misleading and ignorant opinions.

Will you read, question me civilly, and consider what I have to say, before judging? Or will you be one of those who claim to want l’taken olam b’malchut Shaddai, but refuse to listen or read or hear what I have to say and share? Then your education has been wasted, because you jump to conclusions based on assumptions, refusing to realise you don’t want to face a complex nuanced reality connecting billions of people and trillions of decisions daily.

Refusing to be fair is to refuse to deal with reality, hence you deny others in order to preserve your echo chamber and beliefs. And others suffer, especially when you have the skills or in a position to help change their plights or wounds… But refuse to use your brain to be consistently fair and do so. If you wish to create, cultivate, inspire trust and respect? Reach out civilly. And be willing to decide, based on intellectual humility and intellectual integrity. That unique compass will never fail you.

Racism is not the biggest problem. Islam is not the biggest problem. Poverty is not the biggest problem. Ignorance is not the biggest problem. Dysrationalia due to arrogance lacking intellectual humility is the biggest problem, because it lessens and divides and empowers selfishness in humanity, and poisons all of you without you being aware, on Twitter or Facebook or offline. To start curing dyrationalia will require making many of you realise how dysrationalia has poisoned or crippled you, left or right or centrist, and needs a paradigm shift to start doing so. Videos may help.

I will discharge my debt to Rav Kaduri. I will help people, even if they are trolls or people who refuse to read before spewing nonsense about Shift The Script. The time has come for this conversation and this cure. Will you face the poison affecting your thinking abilities and diluting your rational intelligence, stopping you from being consistent?

Muslims and non-Muslims, please face your errors on the topic of Islam. Question the culprits that kept 2 facts together from more than 1000 years ago hidden from the global public, denying more than 80% of Sunni Muslims today and all non-Muslims vital information to make properly-informed choices. The time has come, to heal billions of wounds and address billions of problems, which will influence trillions of daily decisions.

We do that by helping each other, Muslims and non-Muslims, to have a conversation about The 2019 Book Review Every Country Needs: Exposing Islam’s Biggest Secret. Will you shift Our Script, by shifting yours first? What will you give children of the future, families worldwide, and victims of today?

If you cannot see aspects of the problem, from multiple angles and vital context, what are you going to solve? If you refuse to realize problems blinding you, how can you help this world?

~Warm regards, Axyu Paras


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