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Atheists Seek Refuge In Germany

Shifting the Script in Today’s World: How is every individual responsible?

Coming from countries where religious restrictions are common, many atheist refugees are currently seeking life without persecution for their non-belief within German borders.

Bangladeshi Flees After Receiving Death Threats

Such is the case of Mahmudul Haque Munshi, a Bangladeshi who fled to Germany in 2015 after finding his name on a hit list in his native country. Many of his closest friends have already been murdered, giving him good reason to fear these death threats. After receiving 4,500 death threats in a single day on Facebook, Munshi decided to flee his homeland. Clearly, it was unsafe for him to remain in Bangladesh, so he made the journey to Germany via Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Munshi attracted attention after founding the Shahbag movement, which sought to punish people who were responsible for war crimes when Bangladesh fought Pakistan for independence in 1971.

Atheist Refugee Relief Association

Munshi is one of 37 atheist refugees currently supported by the Atheist Refugee Relief association. The number of individuals who identify as atheist and seek refugee support continues to climb on a day to day basis.

Troubles From Home Travel With Refugees

Sadly, the troubles that atheist refugees face at home don’t necessarily end when they reach Germany. Mahmudul Haque Munshi himself is now on a global hit list,  a list that targets refugees around the world who have left Bangladesh.

Also, many women from Muslim countries continue to be threatened for not wearing their headscarves while in Germany. Spontaneous nasty death threats continue from some members of the Muslim community, even after they believe themselves to be safer in Germany.

The Atheist Struggle For Recognition

There has always been a struggle to recognize atheists as members of society. Atheists are still a vast minority around the world, making it difficult to create a unified struggle for their rights. But, the number of atheists around the world represent a growing population of individuals – many of whom will become the next set of refugees to arrive in Western nations.

There is also very little progress in lobbying for the rights of Ex-Muslims as atheists in Germany at the moment. Atheism does not automatically grant oneself refugee status since it does not necessarily qualify as a religion. Individuals who are part of the community aren’t necessarily recognized as being a part of a specific religious sect.

There are many reasons behind the struggle for recognition: It is difficult to define atheism, some people assume atheism is evil, while many people are skeptical or uncertain as to why the community of atheists is under threat at all.

The right to choose freedom of religion or lack of religion should be recognized as a vital condition of a mature democracy. Whether one chooses to adopt a faith, leave one faith and adopt another faith, or have no faith at all? We need to agree on fundamental human rights and have the relevant policies in place while creating active civic-minded conversation allowing disagreements in space for all, to advance dynamic inspiring education for a shared future.

Unless choices are simple and highly limited? Conversations are usually complex. Depending on the numbers of people involved, your different backgrounds, perspectives, biases, assumptions, varying styles of interpretation…

How do we have an effective conversation? What is the way forward?

ex muslim support
Common ground is of utmost importance. And common ground must be based on shared mutual values if you wish to protect loved ones and advance humanity in a beneficial manner alongside respectful living on this planet. The most fundamental effective values are striving for consistent intellectual integrity and intellectual humility.

Intellectual humility enables us to understand and acknowledge mistakes, to mold character and change for the better. Intellectual integrity inspires us to look for accurate context and truly solve problems for people when it comes to facts in building a comprehensive picture.

Handling differences require an acute ability to differentiate. Intellectual integrity and intellectual humility require patience.

Both also require honing System 2 when it comes to assessment and reflection, which Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate Daniel Kahneman explained in his 2011 book about “Thinking, Fast and Slow”.

Feeling the urge to toss in a witty comment or snide insult at this point? Wit has a time and place. If your wit and ego get in the way of skills you need to demonstrate for connecting, are you succeeding in getting your point across in an effective manner? Are you communicating effectively?

Are your assumptions getting in the way of how you process information? How do you speak your truth? Do you take time to figure out the story, or do you resort to instant certainty and instant facts, instead of ascertaining the facts for yourself? Are your biases getting in the way of how you disagree with people? If you don’t want to be misunderstood, have you exercised civic-minded patience to also try to understand how other people express themselves?

If a video, a news article, and a blog entry could enable you to understand better while disagreeing more effectively with anything here or elsewhere, the 3 suggestions would be:

  1. I was a Liberal who worked at Fox News. Here’s what that taught me about Arguing Politics” by Sally Kohn
  1. Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person” by Alain de Botton
  1. Why should I seek Common Ground with my Fellow Americans” by Shamil Idriss

Shift The Script aims to create evolutionary conversations to connect people through paradigm shifts, and launched the first evolutionary conversation in 2018. The first topic aims to inform the world about the plight of Ex-Muslims and how they are affected, because 99% of people today urgently need to know 3 combined facts about the largest global problem today, but are still unaware.

Why have many Muslims and non-Muslims in many countries been denied 2 combined facts: The failure of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah from more than 1000 years ago in the major sign of the sun rising from its place of setting, and how the earliest Muslims understood the Arabic word “Deen” for Al-Islam in the Qur’an cannot be translated as “religion” more than 1000 years ago?

Once you understand how Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia provide answers about the largest civilization in human history today? It took more than 4 years, before a ground-breaking investigation unveiled on More Than Murtadd could be ready for all of you to demonstrate how we are all affected, starting with 24 Critical Summaries or Urgent Love Letters to World Leaders.

Evolutionary conversations are not just about words. They require action. Action depends on your choices. After realizing what is at stake, will you share with your loved ones, and help inform your governments? Will you help improve billions of lives, and permanently improve humanity?

From Shift The Script’s detailed Question and Answer segment in August 2018 about defining evolutionary conversations in a professional manner:

[ An effective conversation is an open honest evolutionary process of raising awareness and presenting information in a suitable manner using helpful mediums, portioned into multiple stages addressing different aspects. This allows people sufficient time to digest and question while taking turns to speak and listen.

This creates connections through understanding for reconciliation, resulting in collaborations and creating viable solutions. Evolution requires reconciliation. Civic-minded reconciliation is a two-way street. Critical conversations are vital. Love and wisdom lead the way because people will agree and disagree. ]

Can you ack
nowledge when you are wrong? How do you do that? Are you humble enough to apologize for being wrong, and rectifying mistakes?

One country is not the entire world. Identity politics and misrepresentation will not trump accurate reality, and being intellectually dishonest does a disservice to the people who need help.

Conversations can easily get messy. People are complex. And when a topic is complex, and many people are involved? Knowing how to deal with messy complexities requires skills of emotional maturity and nuances. Knowing how to participate will help your aim to connect. You may have to change first before you can change your surroundings, and maybe the world.

Will you shift your script, to Shift The Script?

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