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Is there something different about Memorial Day 2019?

What is Memorial Day? Memorial Day means different things to different people. Sleeping in. A long weekend. Remembering to buy more lighter fluid. Where’s the tent? Can you boil the eggs? How many Snickers bars are you bringing? Don’t burn the marshmallows! Yippee, the unofficial start to longer halcyon days and a hopeful summer in America! Twitter is spilling over with patriotism and memes and derision.

memorial day

Cold beer. Whoops of merriment accompany sizzling sausage links roasting over the coals, as many of your friends laugh at another joke from your girlfriend. Pork Chops. Hummus platter, carrot sticks, lactose-intolerant, he does not eat meat- How things have changed, since the days of traditional celebrations for Memorial Day. What’s that interesting exotic-sounding drink someone else brought? Instagram it!

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Education, Humanity and Pirkei Avot: Why Moshiach Now! fliers in Crown Heights?


Are you a father, mother, daughter, or son? What do you think about strangers? Being wary of strangers is normal. Some communities are more wary than others. If you were a stranger to people or communities, and you had something important they need to know, how would you reach out to them?

What if those communities have experienced continuous attacks or hostilities from strangers, especially when looking back through history until today? Tree of Life in Pittsburgh. Chabad of Poway. Arson in Boston could have killed people. Your fellow communities throughout Europe have experienced more hostilities and horrors than the largest bushel of grapes in summer, and the statistics set your teeth on edge. Opportunistic dishonest schmucks wait to take advantage of any trust and hospitality you extend: The most recent charlatans are proselytizers moving from Williamsburg to Chicago and infiltrating your community.

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Part 1 of Teaching Evidence-Based Wisdom About THE Investigation Affecting All Governments and You

Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Tun Mahathir bin Mohamed, Scott Morrison, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Bashar Al-Assad, and other world leaders: Are you aware of police reports recently filed in Malaysia and Israel about an investigation spanning more than 4 years, exposing ground-breaking details about the largest global crisis today which will solve many problems and permanently improve diplomatic relations, societies, courts, and economies of all countries, including your country?

Billions of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons have been denied vital information about 2 facts together from more than 1000 years ago by specific people responsible for teaching these details, thus unable to make informed decisions daily. At least 99% of the global population today (98% of all Muslims + All non-Muslims) wastes trillions of dollars daily, while making trillions of decisions daily based on fundamental ignorance, due to not knowing the entirety of fact 1. Not knowing the entirety of fact 2 has also led to all governments making mistakes daily, and unable to tackle the root of the problem.

Shift the Script

What was your reaction, after reading the first 2 paragraphs? Are you a group 1 or group 2 subscriber?

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How are China, Singapore and Malaysia different, when it comes to Sunni Islam?

Shift The Script has received many reactions to a recent Facebook post, where many Americans do not know why China, Singapore and Malaysia are singled out for handling Islam differently, compared to the rest of the world. It was interesting to see how many Americans did not know Singapore is not part of China, thus failing geography and history.

The tightly-summarised and highly-simplified answer below will help many Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe, North America and the Middle East understand why China, Singapore and Malaysia must be evaluated. By my estimates, at least 95% of the global population does not know this vital step must be performed when evaluating Sunni Islam, because many of you have no experience and/or do not read widely enough to understand how to make vital comparisons. Continue reading “How are China, Singapore and Malaysia different, when it comes to Sunni Islam?”

Addendum truths: Answering speculations about Shift The Script

Here are 2 facts connecting 99% of humans today: Many of you have unvoiced fears or struggles you face every day. You may be shy, embarrassed or afraid to speak about it. Others are struggling too, including enemies some of you greatly despise. Don’t just think about it or assume. Go and talk to friends and strangers. Look around you. This is a common truth which binds many of us, in every country. 

Does it mean you have to be nice to everyone? No. Do you think you need some civility and patience when you hear about something, to listen and read what others have to say, and inform yourself before making conclusions of agreeing or disagreeing? Yes.

ex-muslim resources
Shift The Script and More Than Murtadd functions from that premise, trying to be compassionate but firm, when applying intellectual integrity and intellectual humility. The founder of Shift The Script will answer certain accusations. Yes, I, Axyu Paras (rest-of-name-not-mentioned), am writing these articles, just as I have been responsible for the contents on Shift The Script and More Than Murtadd.

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