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Can a Book Review Save these People?

Who Am I?  #1

My name is Nasrin Sotoudeh. I am a 56-year-old Persian human rights lawyer living in Iran with my husband. I have represented imprisoned Iranian opposition activists and politicians following the disputed Iranian presidential elections in 2009, prisoners sentenced to death when they were minors, and women arrested for appearing in public without a hijab. In September of 2010, I was arrested on charges of spreading propaganda and conspiring to hard state security. I was sentenced to 11 years in prison and served six. I was arrested a second time in 2018 on multiple national security-related offenses and now face a total of 38 years in a prison in Tehran where people like me are regularly tortured. Can a book review save me? 

Who Am I ? #2

My name is Murtaja Qureiris. I am 18 years old. I come from a family of activists in Qatig province, part of the largest Shiite area in eastern Saudi Arabia  When I was ten years old, I led a group of children at a bike protest at the height of the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011. I was arrested at the age of 13 and charged with participating in anti-government, possessing a firearm, and joining a terrorist organization. I, now, face the death penalty, most likely by beheading, after being help in prison with no charge for four years and coming to trial in 2018.  Can a Book Review Save Me?

Who Am I? #3

I am a Christian fleeing from the only home that I have ever known in a little village in Yemen. I am alone and running for my life. My family were all murdered in their sleep when my house was set on fire by an extremist group enlisted by my government and encouraged to act with such hatred and violence to quell the ‘threat to the stability of the nation’ that they believe all Christians are simply because our faith is different from their own.  I must flee my country and never return in order to stay alive. Can a book review save me? 

There is one thing and one thing alone that could save all three of these devastating stories from becoming what will inevitably be devastating realities and true tales related to the history of Islam. One thing could save these people’s lives: You.  I’ll tell you more about what you can do.


A Book Review?

First, you are probably asking why we are talking about a ‘book review’ having the ability to save these people’s lives and many other lives.  

A specific verse of the Qur’an finally merits a unique book review- 

The 2019 book review every country needs: Exposing Islam’s Biggest Secret 

5 pages of one chapter in this book proves how the Qur’an is irrefutably non-divine for more than 1000 years because this book is by a highly-qualified Saudi Arabian scholar (who is also massively popular on social media), and focuses on a major sign of  Day of Judgement. The Day of Judgement is one of the 6 articles of faith in Sunni Islam. 6:158, the context of 6:158, and how 6:158 was given, uses flat-earther language throughout all 5 pages, and quotes the most authentic traditions of the highest authority attributed to the earliest Muslims who are also the hugely-respected Companions of the Prophet Muhammad.

These same authentic traditions come from 2 books which are responsible for guidance about many aspects of Sunni Islam, including how and why certain verses of the Qur’an were given. Sunni Muslims are supposed to accept shari’ah (which is Qur’an plus Sunnah interpreted by the scholars following a majority consensus) as it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad and preserved by the earliest Muslims.


Why did the ulama of Sunni Islam not teach all Sunni Muslims and non-Muslims 2 facts together from more than 1000 years ago: One fact exposed by this book review, and the other fact exposing how and why “Deen” of Al-Islam in the Qur’an was understood by the earliest Muslims so “Deen” cannot be wrongly translated as “religion”?

Who is responsible for fathers, mothers, daughters and sons in many countries being ignorant for more than 1000 years about this fact, in order to maintain the power they wield over every aspect of their lives, in religion and state?

For more than 1000 years, a fundamentally dishonest narrative has been perpetuated, because of 2 fundamental truths protected and selectively taught by a specific minority within Sunni Islam using the majority of believers for various purposes, to ensure Sunni Islam could spread beyond the Arabian Peninsula.

Who is ultimately responsible for the sources claiming the prophet Muhammad labeled the ulama as the Heirs of the Prophets and the leaders of the Ummah? 

The prophet Muhammad never wrote down any verses of the Qur’an or the authentic Sunnah. After the first 3 generations of Muslims, the scholars of Sunni Islam and any Muslim historians were responsible for much of the authentic Sunnah. 


What Can I Do?

If you (and I) are willing to change every country forever and improve billions of lives, actively begin a conversation with our neighbors and co-workers about this book review after reading it.

 Injustice and complete falsity have led to these atrocities and acts of horrendous violence across many nations.

By spreading the word and opening the doors of conversation, we can demonstrate the desire for connection between all religious factions and various beliefs all over the world is widespread. This is how we can begin to help so many people and families who have seen their lives devastated, removed, or taken from them begin to heal. Ask the right questions, so we can start to take the first small steps toward reconnection and mutual understanding.

Today, all the people of the world need to help our Muslim brothers and sisters wake up to lies, prejudices and fatalities produced and purported by more than 1000 years of 2 secrets kept from them, by those they trust to lead.  


A New Review for the Quran

Today, Shift The Script gives the Qur’an a unique review the world deserves and reveals the truth of the Prophet Muhammad’s preserved beliefs to all countries. Will you help start a conversation, after reading the review exposing how 6:158 of Qur’an was given more than 1000 years ago by the earliest Muslims?

If you read only one book review in 2019, it should be this one: A book review that can change and save lives, and alter the course of human history forever.


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