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2 Special Articles Irrefutably Reveal How The Qur’ān Empowers Men to Beat Wives

The Quran

How does an article by Professor Nawal H. Ammar, alongside an article published in June 2014 within Volume 42. No 8 of the Muslim World League Journal, prove 4:34 of the Qur’ān empowers Muslim men to beat their wives?

In October 2006, “Beyond the Shadows: Domestic Spousal Violence in a ‘Democratizing’ Egypt” by Professor Nawal H. Ammar was published. She is clearly determined to try to help women, and this paper reflects her dedication and passion for her goals.

On page 249 of her paper, she identifies and expounds on 4 schools of interpretation within Islam regarding 4:34 of the Qur’ān. The English rendition of 4:34 of the Qur’ān in her paper is significantly less accurate than the English rendition of 4:34 of the Qur’ān by Dr Mustafa Mheta in his article for the 2014 June edition of the Muslim World League Journal titled “Towards an Ideal World: The use of scripture by Traditional Scholars in the Islamic Feminist debate”.

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A Saudi Woman’s Cry for Help, and how she succeeded in escaping

A Saudi woman was detained in Bangkok in January 2019, but her story has a happy ending, thanks to social media and a network of many Ex-Muslim activists. 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed fled her home country to escape Islam and her family, hoping to find asylum in Australia.

rahaf mohammed

This chaotic event became a jarring incident and PR nightmare for Thailand on the world stage when she was stopped at Suvarnabhumi airport. Officials at the Thai airport initially did not allow the United Nations to see or speak with Rahaf. Her passport was confiscated.

According to Thai authorities clearly under international pressure by this point, Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun showed no interest in being sent back to her family, and they would resolve the situation properly.

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Atheists Seek Refuge In Germany

Coming from countries where religious restrictions are common, many atheist refugees are currently seeking life without persecution for their non-belief within German borders.

Bangladeshi Flees After Receiving Death Threats

Such is the case of Mahmudul Haque Munshi, a Bangladeshi who fled to Germany in 2015 after finding his name on a hit list in his native country. Many of his closest friends have already been murdered, giving him good reason to fear these death threats. After receiving 4,500 death threats in a single day on Facebook, Munshi decided to flee his homeland. Clearly, it was unsafe for him to remain in Bangladesh, so he made the journey to Germany via Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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Shifting the Script in Today’s World: How is every individual responsible?

Unless choices are simple and highly limited? Conversations are usually complex. Depending on the numbers of people involved, your different backgrounds, perspectives, biases, assumptions, varying styles of interpretation…

How do we have an effective conversation? What is the way forward?

ex muslim support
Common ground is of utmost importance. And common ground must be based on shared mutual values if you wish to protect loved ones and advance humanity in a beneficial manner alongside respectful living on this planet. The most fundamental effective values are striving for consistent intellectual integrity and intellectual humility.

Intellectual humility enables us to understand and acknowledge mistakes, to mold character and change for the better. Intellectual integrity inspires us to look for accurate context and truly solve problems for people when it comes to facts in building a comprehensive picture.

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