Addendum truths: Answering speculations about Shift The Script - Shift the Script

Addendum truths: Answering speculations about Shift The Script

Here are 2 facts connecting 99% of humans today: Many of you have unvoiced fears or struggles you face every day. You may be shy, embarrassed or afraid to speak about it. Others are struggling too, including enemies some of you greatly despise. Don’t just think about it or assume. Go and talk to friends and strangers. Look around you. This is a common truth which binds many of us, in every country. 

Does it mean you have to be nice to everyone? No. Do you think you need some civility and patience when you hear about something, to listen and read what others have to say, and inform yourself before making conclusions of agreeing or disagreeing? Yes.

ex-muslim resources
Shift The Script and More Than Murtadd functions from that premise, trying to be compassionate but firm, when applying intellectual integrity and intellectual humility. The founder of Shift The Script will answer certain accusations. Yes, I, Axyu Paras (rest-of-name-not-mentioned), am writing these articles, just as I have been responsible for the contents on Shift The Script and More Than Murtadd.

Humans are not paragraphs of facts. Humans are stories and facts, each one individual yet similar on certain details. Shift The Script tries to present facts in a simple and engaging manner, in which we accept criticism where applicable and try to improve.

Shift The Script watches Parents 4 Peace and Search For Common Ground, on social media. This is because we need to help each other advance, and those who can take on certain challenges should help billions of people. It starts with patience and understanding, being willing to talk to strangers.

I don’t accept verbal abuse or irrelevant negativity online or offline; I simply have no time to answer all rude comments.     

1)*Very rude comments including sneers on the Facebook page, about Shift The Script being a non-profit organization, unknown, and driven by unknown heinous agendas.

Reply by Axyu Paras: Many of these comments tend to come from Americans, regardless of ethnic background. I posted a long explanation in one Facebook post to one comment from a cynic in October 2018 (I think), which merely received sneering from multiple people saying I avoided the subject. It was puzzling at first, because I thought I had answered the question. And many of these detractors assumed I must be American or from a Western country.

Thinking about it, I can understand the scepticism and sneering, seeing the history of American media. War on Iraq for mass weapons of destruction that never existed. Koch Brothers, George Soros and Pierre Omidyar have very firm networks in the media and beyond. Most Americans aren’t aware of how these 3 big names have huge influence, especially the last name with the resources of a small state-nation when it comes to lawyers, accountants and media.  

I am from Southeast Asia. Not Europe. Not the Middle East. Not North America. Southeast Asia is not a region where people have the freedoms and protections available in Europe and North America. Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea are East Asia, not Southeast Asia. Can you name a country in Southeast Asia that provides civilians with respect and protection of civil and political rights, if you speak up in Southeast Asia criticising religion or a monarchy or a government?

I have travelled far more vastly than most Americans and most non-Americans, to your countries, to interact with people. Many people have been unable to figure out my origins, based on just looking at me or listening to me talk. Malaysia, Australia, Sweden and Israel have made the biggest influences in my life, and Malaysia still has the largest impact. Which one has the deepest impact? Which one has the most lasting impact? That depends on what issue you are referring to.

Malaysia and Israel do not have diplomatic relations. They do not get along, primarily due to Malaysia’s antagonism toward Israel, with such antagonism grounded in Sunni Islam and relying on misguided news. How many of you can claim to understand and have 2 countries dear to your heart in 2 very different regions, which obviously don’t get along? Each country makes me sad, for different reasons. And yet, each country gives me hope, with the current governments and in light of history, which I have no space to explain here.

Before you disagree with me, I hope you will read Shift The Script’s question and answer segment, linked below.    

2) Why mention the Koch brothers, George Soros, and Pierre Omidyar?

I am certain American media is in severe need of major changes. I am very cautious, when it comes to American media or UK media. Many people do not have the time, energy, or intelligence to run around to multiple sources, to fact-check and figure out what is relevant or misreported.

Be careful of your fact-checkers, after you research the ties and tangles of the Koch brothers, George Soros and Pierre Omidyar. If I had a fraction of their resources, I would be using billboards in Times Squares exetnsively, or doing massive marketing to inform the world, but I would need at least half a million dollars to more than a million dollars. And I would have people writing for me, without me doing anything but funding them.

Instead, I resort to boosting some social media posts, a bit at a time, because it’s a lot cheaper. Creating and pasting 1000 fliers professionally is not expensive. Police reports will not cost you money, as long as you are honest and submit your personal details.

And for doing all that, spending years of time and effort and money on an investigation I had to carry out, while relying on the public to spread the word? I get accused of heinous agendas. Where is the monetary gain or publicity gain in focusing on Ex-Muslims for 8 months, as Shift The Script has done? Are you aware that many people don’t care?

Is it because my face is not public? My face will be public eventually, once the world becomes aware of what Shift The Script is presenting. We are working on that. The mainstream media is not helping Shift The Script, and it is not hard to understand why when you do your own research, even though I need the mainstream media to inform the global public, and thus help all governments including millions of mothers and fathers.  

Pierre Omidyar’s details are the most revealing, and it is almost sad to see how many readers of the Intercept are ignorant but believe themselves to be so objectively informed. This attitude also infects readers who believe in the New York Times, CNN, and Washington Post, and disregard all else.

You can also see this in some readers at Off-Guardian and Consortium News, believing the entire mainstream press is lying to them. Tribal politics and refusal to check different sources of many angles only widens divides, instead of tackling issues. Go by articles, not by journalists.

Look at how American media reported about Jussie Smollett, or the Covington Catholic High School incident where Twitter users had to upload comprehensive videos to correct the mainstream media. CNN and Washington Post are getting sued, right?

Shift The Script posted a Question and Answer segment on 1 August 2018 about Shift The Script. I know many people want to have conversations. I know many people don’t have a lot of time. I also know the most vocal people online can be ridiculous in a fishbowl, and a vocal minority does not reflect reality of an offline majority in many countries. 

My official daily occupation requires interacting with many people offline and in person, having certain requirements of necessary accuracy, with very little room for creativity, and not making things up. On that basis and awareness of online versus offline differences, I approach people and issues.

3)Thoughts about Shift The Script, this far?

Shift The Script has easily proven how little people know, and how many such people project their narrowness and lack of knowledge. I wrote the Question and Answer segment for 1 August 2018. When you read that, would you pinpoint the writer and founder as being from Southeast Asia? Would you ask, or would you just assume I’m from specific countries?

I’m not black, brown or white in ways that some of you want to pigeonhole for identity politics, and I find it very condescending whenever some people from Western countries or the Middle East reduce my essential traits to a colour.

The amount of wrong assumptions about the Founder of Shift The Script seems to be in greater numbers and volume from left-leaning commenters in Western countries, and in the Middle East, although right-leaning commenters can be just as insulting in different ways. Moderates on the right and left do not benefit from having these people speaking up for them and as such, you need to speak up.  

I expected to encounter some people who don’t read or read poorly or read too selectively, when I and other people are enabling Shift The Script to progress. What has me worried for human civilisation is the number of arrogantly opinionated people with over-simplified opinions who don’t realise their comments on Shift The Script obviously give them away as lacking quality education and critical thinking, because they don’t understand the value of intelligent reading. Their behaviour makes me question their education systems.

The ability to read a wide range of non-fiction and fiction books and papers is necessary to help a person develop empathy, caution, patience, plus the understanding of subtle nuances alongside obvious cues, which can vary from multiple angles. The ability to conduct research or analyse research papers also requires certain skills. TV programs, computer games and movies are not substitutes for the gifts you hone, through certain types of reading.

When you’re up against people who read, you have to read smarter than them, and there is also a minimum depth and quantity of reading to be done… which is usually extensive. Not a Tweet. Not a blog. Many volumes.

People are complex. Life is complex. Accurate interpretations require knowing how to make distinctions and connections, without over-simplifying. If you can read but you do not realise the importance of intelligent reading, without having to resort to someone else telling you why intelligent reading is important and what it entails? I’m going to quote Mark Twain, with some personal edits:

“The one who does not read or reads unintelligently has no advantage over the one who cannot read.”

The fact that people can form coherent English sentences but fail simple English (and throw accusations of racism, or claim Shift The Script is obviously anti-Muslim or is dishonestly Muslim), when Shift The Script speaks of billions of mothers and fathers, Muslim and non-Muslim, being denied vital knowledge to make informed decisions, and also wants all governments to be informed?

Can these people rephrase “99% of the global population today being denied vital information”, in equally-neutral layman terms? The arrogant biased ignorance of opinionated people are obstacles to truth and justice, and a hazard to people who are suffering, such as Raif Badawi and Nasrin Sotoudeh.

These people who make untrue comments about Shift The Script are not ashamed of their arrogance and ignorance. Between being appalled and sad, I’d go for sad, because of people suffering and badly needing others to help, but the people who don’t know how to read intelligently are contributing to a lack of much-needed change.

Nevertheless, I believe I have not been firm and blunt enough in making my stance clear, so I take responsibility for people questioning what Shift The Script wants to achieve. I will challenge all the scholars of Sunni Islam worldwide, including all Grand Muftis, to refute Critical Summary 4.

4) Anything else to add?

Most of you don’t know enough. Most of you need to acknowledge that. Who does this apply to? Want to recognise people being selfish and arrogant, some of which are Muslims, and others which are non-Muslim?

Muslims who do the following: Those who don’t read what Shift The Script presents. Telling me about the Qur’an, saying I need to believe in Allah, and claiming I have no authority. I used specific references and transliterated Arabic words including more than one very authoritative scholar, to reveal how the scholars of Sunni Islam did not teach billions of fathers and mothers about this essential fact for more than 1000 years, which would permanently end Sunni Islam, the Qur’an and Islam more than 1000 years ago.

Where is your refuting of the facts and authority? Until now: Zero.

Every day, the overwhelming evidence proving more than 1.5 billion Muslims are clueless, especially mothers and fathers being cheated by those they wrongly trust? Mosques and madrasahs function. Governments are unaware. Unnecessary funding continues. Doing what you think is necessary for Ramadan. Endorsing Islam or the Prophet Muhammad.

How is the fact that many Muslims and all non-Muslims are unaware of a vital fact classified as “racist”? It’s not racist. If you say that about Shift The Script, then you are siding nonsense over facts, and you are telling untruths. If you persist in doing so, then you are a troll.

Non-Muslims who do the following: Comments about praying to God, following Jesus, etc. You don’t help people and stop terrorism through prosletysing and irrelevant comments. You help people by reading and telling mothers and fathers how they have been cheated. 

Then there are those who don’t even bother to read, and spam Shift The Script with arrogant stupidity. Yes, I am calling you stupid. Yes, I am saying you harm people. When you don’t read and post rubbish, to try to destroy projects that aim to inform governments and help victims? You are arrogant and stupidly harmful to the people who need help, and you don’t even know it. 

I recognise my biggest problem is not being blunt enough, being too modest. I aim to change that, starting with this post, because many victims and their lives are on the line.

If you don’t see any problem with Saudi Arabia wrongly executing many people and doing so in a barbaric manner, you are part of the problem. If you don’t care to know why Ex-Muslims need help by helping Shift The Script end Islam by drawing attention to the culprits responsible, you are part of the problem.

If you don’t see why many Muslims and all non-Muslims need to start knowing one fact and you keep calling one side names, without realising the scholars of Sunni Islam using your ignorance for divide and conquer? You are a useful idiot for helping them hide 2 facts from many Muslims and all non-Muslims, and you are part of the problem.

If I need to tell you your taxpayer dollars are hugely wasted, for as long as many Muslims and all non-Muslims don’t know one fact, and many governments don’t change domestic and foreign policies? Isn’t it sad that I need to make it all about you, before you will do something?

And if you don’t care to get over yourself and start reading to understand why Shift The Script accurately pinpoints specific people, and you only post irrelevant comments or untruths about Shift The Script?

You prove your education and upbringing has been a waste. I feel sorry for your parents, and I hope you grow up. Ultimately, I will concentrate on those who need my help.

~ Paras

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