84,000 deaths across 66 countries caused by largest collaborative fraud sees police reports filed in Malaysia and Israel - Shift the Script

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On Sunday 17 March 2019, a police report was lodged in Kuala Lumpur. On Wednesday 27 March 2019, a police report was lodged in Tel Aviv. Both uploaded reports
have striking similarities, summarised in our Press Release.

Each report ended with an urgent plea for IGP Mohamad Fuzi bin Harun or Deputy Commissioner Motti Cohen and the police to investigate the problem affecting their governments and citizens, while also informing their prime ministers and government cabinets about the details of the police report and evidence submitted in thumb drives.

Letters to Prime Minister Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were also attached. Registered mail containing information was sent to specific people at several addresses within Israel, such as editor Amanda Borschel-Dan working at Times Of Israel, editor Steve Linde and journalist Lahav Harkov of Jerusalem Post.

Compelling information was also given to people aiding Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett at an event on 27 March 2019. Malaysia’s Education Minister was not personally accessible.

Unlike Israeli media, Malaysian media functions under oppressive laws from colonial times alongside a Constitution able to impose deterrent unfair consequences on journalists reporting about certain issues. Journalists and interns can also be harassed and intimidated.

This serious global problem of treason perpetuating horrendous fraud is an example of how silence from Malaysian media outlets is understandable after seeing how they were mostly silent about 1MDB under the previous prime minister, despite Malaysian citizens and the new Malaysian government urgently needing to know this.

How are these 2 countries united? If you have the experience of possessing a Malaysian passport or have relatives who hold such passports, the passport reminds you: “This passport is valid for all countries except Israel”.

There is no direct trade between Israel and Malaysia, after Malaysia instituted a trade ban in 1974. Malaysia recently denied visas to Israel’s Paralympics team, thus stopping Israelis from participating in the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships, until Malaysia was stripped of the right to host the Championships.

Malaysia’s mostly-inexperienced new government is less than a year old and doing their best to tackle decades of issues while unearthing a lot of corruption, after toppling a coalition which had been in power for more than 60 years since the Independence of Malaya. The current claims by Suhakam about the police and forced abductions under the previous prime minister are one of many problems.

Malaysia’s progress and many citizens are crippled by selfish opportunists unfairly capitalising on creating hate and fear using ugly dishonest tactics, to create racial and religious problems. Given the complexity of Malaysia’s Constitution and need to further clarify certain issues, rectifying the Rome Statute has encountered difficulties.

The Israel-Palestine issue cannot move forward, primarily because of unresolved primary problems not within the primary control of the people affected. Children are suffering. Hatred and misunderstandings need a truly effective solution.

Israel and Malaysia are wasting opportunities when they could do so much for their citizens and respective regions together as diplomatic allies, because their respective governments are being deceived. Citizens, it is time to end the biggest problem affecting your countries.

Many citizens in Malaysia and Israel are unaware of 2 facts from more than 1000 years ago not taught together to many Sunni Muslims and non-Muslims in many countries worldwide.

More than 1000 years ago, the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah are based on oral traditions according to a classification system decided by the scholars which contains differences of opinion, to form written records interpreted by scholars in Sunni Islam to teach Muslims about Islam. These oral traditions are based on narrations by people. The prophet Muhammad never wrote anything for Sunni Islam’s scholarship or the literary sources.

Sunni Muslims believe in 5 pillars of Al-Islam and 6 principles of faith, which is from more than 1000 years ago. Ulama named as the Heirs of the Prophets are also from more than 1000 years ago. They use the same authentic sources of oral traditions. The “Heirs of Prophets” concept in the authentic Sunnah of Sunni Islam is important, because Muhammad is supposed to be the final messenger and prophet, after Jesus and Moses.

How are two facts not taught about Sunni Islam by certain people responsible for 84,000 deaths across 66 countries in 2017?

The first fact uses specific oral traditions narrated by the first generation of Muslims, known as the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad. They are of the highest authority in the classification system.

These oral traditions for this fact demonstrate how the prophet Muhammad taught his Companions certain concepts, such as the sun going back and forth every day in 2 fixed directions over the earth to enable sunrise and sunset every day, thus clearly implying the creation of night and day for every country all over this planet, while proving he is clearly ignorant of how the Antarctica and Arctic and parts of Nordic countries such as Norway do not have daylight for at least 2 months each year.

He is also clearly ignorant this planet resembles a sphere and is not flat, and clearly ignorant that day and night has nothing to do with the sun’s movements, relying on the spin of the planet on its axis as the planet moves around the sun. A simple Google search will reveal science any 6-year-old can understand.

These specific oral traditions also reveal how and why certain verses of the Qur’an were given more than 1000 years ago, also proving the Prophet Muhammad believed in teaching his Companions certain verses of the Qur’an were given due to the sun rising and setting over a flat earth.

This first fact is obligatory belief, as obligatory as little kids in Sunni Islam being taught there are 5 pillars of Al-Islam and 6 principles of faith, or a Muslim father whispering the Shahada into the ear of his newborn child.

Because of the first fact, the scholarship of Sunni Islam, the earliest Muslims including the Prophet Muhammad, and the Qur’an is proven to have no divine authority or credibility for more than 1000 years. This means Sunni Islam has no right or authority to function in any schools, courts, governments or societies affecting lives of people for more than 1000 years, and no right to continue doing so.

This would permanently end all terrorists of Sunni Islam, such as Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Abu Sayyaf, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Islamic State. You can’t create new terrorists when such a failure is revealed to terrorists emulating the earliest Muslims and these terrorists do not know this, once the world officially realises the fundamental problems caused by not knowing how all the earliest Muslims endorse the sun rising and setting over a flat earth as divine knowledge given to their prophet by Allah of the Qur’an, before a divine Day of Judgement.

Why does Islam irreversibly collapse as a whole? The other divisions are much smaller than Sunni Islam. No Muslim and no believer in the prophet Muhammad being a messenger of a divine being can justify why Allah of the Qur’an allowed more than 80% of Muslims (Sunni Muslims number more than 1.5 billion out of more than 1.8 billion Muslims) today to endorse the fundamental failure of Sunni Islam taught by the prophet Muhammad and his Companions.

The second fact in its entirety and scholarship is completely unacceptable to all current governments, and makes mosques and madrassahs unacceptable in all countries, such as Malaysia and Israel. If its details had been exposed more than 1000 years ago, Sunni Islam would not have been allowed to advance by countries outside the Arabian Peninsula, and Sunni Islam would have been savagely opposed by all sovereign countries uniting to destroy it.

Malaysia’s Constitution fundamentally opposes Sunni Islam’s fundamental scholarship, without many Malaysians realising why. One of several details in the Constitution enshrines the Sultans in various states of Malaysia as the protectors and heads of Islam in their states, not the scholars of Sunni Islam.

If you understand the full details of these 2 facts, the implications of the extent of deceit would be staggering. Ulama outside the Middle East have no excuse to be unaware of the first fact, especially if you live in a country not adhering to Islam.

If you have never lived in certain Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, you may have certain assumptions and do not know how Sunni Islam is tightly-regulated in a country not ruled by Islam (the extent of bureaucratic regulations is described according to an associate professor of sociology, who obviously does not realise certain implications revealed through his article).

You may have certain assumptions about the neighbouring country, but do not know how Sunni Islam is fundamentally restricted in a country which has Islam in the Constitution but also contains certain details in said Constitution opposing some of Sunni Islam’s fundamental basics.

Whether you have lived in those countries or not, people who are ignorant of certain facts affecting these two countries tend to make wrong conclusions, such as wrongly believing all Muslims are evil and insisting Islam and Muslims must be criticised together as intentionally evil, or wrongly believing only certain Muslims are truly representative of Islam. Over-simplification helps no one, and people who over-simplify while being wrongly outspoken about such matters will harm people who need your help.

Whether you identify as left or right, and if you live in the Middle East, South Asia, and/or a Western country? Please. Stop.

Stop claiming a globally-comprehensive accuracy if you do not know about how these 2 countries reveal certain truths for the rest of the world regarding Sunni Islam, because many of you are ignorant. Shift The Script has endured a fair amount of condescending ignorance and unfair spamming on the social media channels from some of you. Start learning where you are wrong. Once you understand certain details and context, some fundamental truths become evident. The lives of people depend urgently on you.

The Sultan of Brunei is not the only world leader who needs to understand why and how he has been deceived. All world leaders need to know, and talk to each other. And citizens of all countries can help.

The investigation on More Than Murtadd reveals ground-breaking evidence from Saudi Arabia by more than one credible modern scholar and professor of Saudi Arabia, officially published in 2010 only for certain Muslims and not most of the world.

His words and references permanently and irreversibly destroys all authority of the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah in Sunni Islam from more than 1000 years ago. All Sunni Muslims must believe in 5 pillars of Al-Islam and 6 principles of faith. The principles of faith include belief in Allah of the Qur’an, his books, his messengers, predetermination, and the Day of Judgement.

A 3-year-old child can be taught about these 5 pillars and 6 principles. A Sunni Muslim father whispers the Shahada and call to prayer into the ear of his newborn son or daughter. All this is fundamental Sunnah.

Any six-year-old child today can easily understand the implications of how all the earliest Muslims failing basic science would invalidate the 6 principles of faith in Sunni Islam, especially if citizens of every country are honestly taught about the responsibility of Sunni Muslims to have obligatory faith in the Unseen.

This involves an obligatory belief about the major sign of the sun rising from its place of setting in the West during the Hour, before the principle of the Day of Judgment.

Why have you never heard of this?

If something is intentionally hidden from many of you, why would you hear of it or know anything about it, especially when you do not live in Saudi Arabia, and you do not know how to accurately dissect the topic? Do you wrongly believe the Deen of Al-Islam in the Qur’an is correctly translated as “religion”?

Combine the evidence (from authoritative sources fluent in both Arabic and English) for these 2 facts from more than 1000 years ago up until today, and their implications?

You would see the unavoidable skeleton of a rigid scholarship in Sunni Islam from more than 1000 years ago, while realising why the most important and dangerously flexible oral tradition in Sunni Islam more than 1000 years ago can determine what you learn and do not learn is based on understanding necessary intentions for migrating to Allah, regardless of whether you are a Muslim or non-Muslim.

The first fact in its entirety is denied to all terrorists such as Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf, and Islamic State. To create certain ignorant Muslims undertaking certain duties on behalf of all Sunni Muslims endorsing these terrorists, due to identifying as part of the Ummah? It is necessary for a specific minority of Sunni Muslims to keep a majority of Sunni Muslims partially uninformed of one fact or both facts.

That is how good people can be used as salad dressing, while others are used to slaughter innocent people for heinous intentions. The authority and responsibilities of these terrorists and how all Sunni Muslims are connected to them are reflected accurately in vital Sharia of why the Ottoman Sultans never made Hajj. 

Why is the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem alongside the ulama of Malaysia and other countries accused of fraud, in the police reports? More than 1000 years ago, various sources of the authentic Sunnah officially named the ulama as the Heirs of the Prophets, according to narrations of Prophet Muhammad. You can easily find these references in certain books for children today.

The original primary sources in Arabic for these 2 facts have not been altered, since they were compiled. How do you justify scholars of Sunni Islam fluent in Arabic and English today living in countries such as USA proudly maintaining certain criteria when privately explaining to vulnerable Muslim followers how Islam is a Deen and not a religion, and why the earliest Muslims understood “Deen” in the Qur’an cannot be wrongly translated as “religion”… while officially claiming religious status for their work?

When the Grand Mufti of Russia advised the Russian President to solve the Palestine issue by annexing Israel and Mecca, that lofty leader within the ulama was not joking. Do you realise the intentions behind such suggestions, especially the scholarship of a Deen governing a unique civilisation of specific uncompromising criteria from more than 1000 years ago?

Is President Vladimir Putin aware of the scholarship from more than 1000 years ago responsible for 5 pillars of Al-Islam and 6 principles of faith needing certain major signs to happen before the principle of the Day of Judgement?

This involves the major sign of the sun rising over a flat earth and “the final war against Jews and Christians” pertaining to starting a war to engulf parts of the Middle East while involving Europeans and Americans, according to the Saudi Arabian professor who wrote a bestselling book demonstrating how the key scholarship of Sunni Islam functions according to the ulama, while lying to Muslims about certain details.

It’s not about what you believe in your personal experiences or anecdotes of others. It’s ultimately about your ability to cautiously evaluate information and ask accurate penetrating questions. It’s about accuracy of understanding a complex global connective reality powered by massive ignorance in many countries, while certain people abuse trust and goodwill of many people in many countries.

Many people still believe in celebrating Ramadan as a holiday or holy month, for more than 1000 years. This is sad proof of the overwhelming success of a select few maintaining the ignorance of many. In the process, families have been destroyed, female rights are crippled, and so much energy alongside resources are spent or wasted on problems stemming from these unexposed roots. 

In 2017, approximately 84,000 people were killed in 66 countries, because of 121 groups sharing certain fundamental tenets about Islam. If you are outraged about the terrorist attack on 2 mosques in Christchurch, you should be just as outraged about the truck-ramming terrorist attack in Nice during Bastille Day.

Most importantly, regardless of whatever you feel and whether you agree or disagree with what is expressed in this article? Muslim or non-Muslim, giving necessary fairness to fellow humans requires you to have enough intellectual humility and intellectual integrity, to find out what the investigation exposed on More Than Murtadd needs to share with all governments and citizens of this world.

Will you face the evidence and the implications and the suffering of many people, and change the world forever for the better?

Or will you turn away from harsh truth and ignore billions of victims, unresolved for more than 1000 years?

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