10 Things Discovered, Thanks To This Project - Shift the Script

10 Things Discovered, Thanks To This Project


After 8 months since officially launching in September 2018, here are 10 unavoidable observations:

shift the script

1) People who are strangers want to help improve our world, ending suffering and unnecessary divisions. Police reports filed in Malaysia and Israel during March 2019 inspired many people to share our pinned post. Thank you.

2) Sadly, many people do not read and love to comment about anything other than the articles or the posts. Many people make their conclusions based on only one post, and without reading the post properly. Evidence: Look at posts during February, March, April for 2019.

3) “How is this relevant to me? What about me or my relatives or my fellow citizens?”

Two police reports contain vital information able to permanently end the root cause of terrorism responsible for creating the Sri Lankan Easter tragedy and 9/11. Mothers and fathers are being cheated, wrongly paying certain people with trust, time, and money. Mother and fathers have made life choices that destroy families while sacrificing children, while used by certain scholars as conduits of misinformation to unwittingly mislead others every day.

If you discovered a global Ponzi scheme whereby a certain group of people cheat billions of people every day and uses the goodness of people to deceive others, including all non-Muslims and many Muslims in every country, would you expose it?

4) Ex-Muslims. The founder of Shift The Script was touched by 2 details and several people, which inspired this project: How Ex-Muslims suffer while needing safety to voice thoughts and needs, and broken families of all races and religions which happen because of unnecessary misunderstandings and misleading information.

5) Many Americans can be quite lacking in knowledge about foreign countries. The numbers are not in the millions for this post, but an overwhelming majority of readers believe Singapore is in China, thus immediately failing geography and history. 

6) Ignorance and lack of vital information can create hatred and misunderstandings. How do we start to address the problem, and resolve the problem? By making vital distinctions, knowing how certain countries handle Islam very differently from the rest of the world.

7) And knowing where the story begins. Vital + Beginning = Helping you identify the specific people responsible for creating certain terrorists and keeping the world ignorant, extending back more than 1000 years.

8) Is controversy the only way to get attention? Why do people always wait until others die, before something is done? Why do people choose to ignore problems, allowing other people to die? How do we move shift from online activism moving keyboard buttons, to actually making changes offline?

9) The root cause creating terrorists responsible for many attacks, such as the Sri Lankan Easter Tragedy and 9/11 must be identified and permanently stopped. Shift The Script can do so, but cannot do it alone. What must happen, for the world to pay attention and learn 2 facts denied to all non-Muslims and many Muslims, by scholars of Sunni Islam?

The first fact reveals the Qur’an and Sunni Islam have no authority in all schools, courts, governments, Constitutions and societies for more than 1000 years. The second fact would help people such as the President of France understand why the institutions of Sunni Islam are unacceptable to all governments today (especially in countries not adhering to Islam), because mosques and madrasahs represent the expansion of a civilisation of specific criteria more than 1000 years ago, not a religion.

10) World leaders do not know what Shift The Script is trying to inform them about. As a result, some very stupid and completely wrong things can be said by world leaders, such as this example. Saying wrong things are not necessarily due to evil intentions. It can be due to ignorance. World leaders are people who can say wrong things, yet strongly patriotic to their countries with a sense of global justice.

If what the Malaysian Prime Minister says angers you and he is wrong, will you be able to look past any negative emotions he stirs up, and help him with the biggest problem crippling his country… if you were capable of doing so? If Malaysia and Israel have places in your heart, what will you do?

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