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Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm sorry that I was born this way. I'm sorry I couldn't be the perfect son you always dreamed of. I'm sorry for being so selfish that the only way I can be happy is by doing things that make you sad and disappointed in me.

While you see all those perfect children with perfect mothers, you're raising a rebellious kid who value their independence above all else. I know you may feel jealous that they are so perfect and I'm not, that they are so close to God and I've completely abandoned him; that I've flat out distanced myself and rejected my culture while they embrace it.

I'm sorry that I want to make myself happy by breaking the chains that held me back for so long, and I feel horrible and jealous that my happiness comes at the cost of your misery.

I realize I do not have the courage to say this to you directly, but I hope that when I do, you'll still see me as the son you love more than anyone else.


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Dad, you can't begin to understand what you did to me. Do you think I had a choice? Should I have carried on pretending, lying to myself and to you just to make things easier. That is not how you raised me. You are the one who taught me to value the truth, you are the one who made me live by the code of honesty. And now you are punishing me for it, and what a punishment this is. If I told what these last months have been like you would not believe it. I will spare you the details. But even if you were to beg me my forgiveness, i don't know if I could forgive you. If I could believe in your book, if it would erase everything, I would. But I can't.


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I wish you hadn’t made me feel unloved because of my sexuality.
To the creation of the Creator most high,

My fellow brothers and sisters in humanity I pray this is read with the intention of love and the sincere prayers that the Creator most high guide us all to the straight path.
Always keep in mind that this life is with trials and we will be tested some harsher than others.

And most certainly shall We try you by means [125] of danger, and hunger, and loss of worldly goods, of lives and of [labour's] fruits. But give glad tidings unto those who are patient in adversity - 2:155

People are very quick to form judgements on others, and mostly without looking at themselves first. Being quick to criticize someone, a muslim or a non-muslim, is something to be avoided because we do not know a persons intention.

Do not lose faith for He is always with you.

I pray you all find peace and blessing of the Creator most high in this world and the next.

Your fellow human being that is flawed... a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend.
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